Train with me

You clicked here because you’re confused.

  • Confused on where to start on your journey
  • Confused because you’re stuck and not getting results
  • Confused on what to put in your mouth
  • Confused because you don’t like the person starring back at you in the mirror.

And you’re stuck in a constant state of indecision because of the multitude of solutions in cyberspace.

Let me help you get unstuck.

Exercise and eating better are the two most powerful tools you have to improve your health and appearance.

My goal for you is for us to find the right balance between these two within the current constraints of your life, so you can get the results you richly deserve.

Distance coaching

My programs that are catered to YOU and YOUR goals. After going through a consultation,  a customized training program will be emailed to you once every 4 weeks.

This includes

–  4 week program emailed to you with everything from warm up to recovery

–  Exercise videos that support your program

–  Email access to answer all of your questions

– Skype

– Assessments

Training features 2 Day program 3 Day program 4 Day program
Emailed program $50 $65 $80
Email access Free Free Free
Ongoing assessments* $25 per month $25 per month $25 per month
Skype access* $30 per month $30 per month $30 per month
Total $105 $120 $135
  • Ongoing assessments and Skype access are optional
Benefit to you PT in a gym Other online training Balance Guy training
Structured program YES MAYBE YES
Customized program MAYBE MAYBE YES
Accountability YES MAYBE YES
Cost Effectiveness MAYBE NO YES

If you like the look of all this please contact me here with the subject “training.”

Look forward to hearing from you soon and keep on smiling :).


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