We Three Kings

We Three Kings of orient are, 

bearing gifts. 

We traverse afar

What great lyrics! The song may be about 3 kings (or wise men) who followed a star for hundreds of miles to bring gifts to the Christ child, but it directly relates to us.

Each of us has been blessed with gifts. It may not be frankincense, gold and myrrh (the gifts from the wise men) but they are equally important and priceless.

Your gift may be hospitality, organization or leadership. Maybe you’ve been blessed with finances, time, or the ability to listen. Whatever it is, we are obligated to share our gifts with others.

We haven’t been blessed to keep things to ourselves. We’ve been blessed to be a blessing to others. Imagine how the song We Three Kings would have gone if the wise men would have kept their gold at home for themselves.

Don’t forget that the Kings traveled “afar” to share their gifts. You may never go across the country or the world to share your talents. I’ll almost guarantee you’ll never ride on the back of a camel from eastern Asia to Israel, but your gifts certainly can.

You never know what will happen to the gifts and talents you sow into others. The few minutes it takes to write a letter, send an email or place a phone call letting someone know you care can dramatically change their life.

This service of others has a ripple effect that extends across families, communities, countries and continents. But it has to start somewhere.

I challenge you today to insert your name into today’s song. Say it out loud and fill in the blanks. Believe what you are saying and act on those words. You’ll be amazed at what happens next.

(Insert Name) of (insert your hometown) are
bearing (insert your talents here)
that travel so far.

Have a great day!


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