How Therapy Transformed My Life

Imagine this: you’re watching one of those intense cop shows where the officer, after a high-stakes incident, is mandated to attend therapy. The officer usually walks in, sits down reluctantly, and it’s a standoff with the therapist. Sound familiar? A … Read More

The Ultimate Road Warrior Workout

Being a personal trainer makes me a freak for workouts. Finding a way to get it done is imperative, whether outside, inside, or on the road, when it’s time to get it on. Working out is easy when you have … Read More

Game Changer Coaching

Let me paint this picture of “brutal” coaching. In the unforgiving heat and humidity of North Texas, my football coach was making the team run sprint repeats at the end of practice. As you can imagine, we were all thrilled, and no … Read More

4 Landmine Exercises For A Sexier You

If you were to think literally, the words landmine exercises seem strange. A landmine, taken at face value, means something to be feared because if someone stepped on one, you know what would happen next. But the word landmine means … Read More

The Secret Sauce

I’m old enough to remember when they used to call the sauce on the Big Mac the secret sauce, or was it the special sauce? Anyhow, I’m showing my age. When making waves in the world or cooking up a … Read More

Fix Your Pressing Issues With The Floor Press

Fixing your pressing issues with the floor press is a witty headline, don’t you think? Or maybe it’s me, but regardless of your thoughts, the floor press is important when you take your strength seriously. It’s an exercise often in … Read More

My Grandfather

I was only seven years old when my grandfather Ron Simmons died of prostate cancer, and at that time, he taught me vital lessons that will stick with me until I meet him again. Although my memories are hazy, I’ll … Read More

3 Non-Negotiable Exercises For Healthy Aging

Don’t non-negotiable exercises sound like they are my way or the highway? Well, it’s my blog, and I’ll write what I want, but you should know exercise is non-negotiable. The vanity, physical, and mental benefits of raising a sweat and … Read More

The Power Of Small

Do you remember a few years ago when the UPS delivery service catchphrase was the power of brown? Now, the color brown ( if you have a filthy mind like me) could be mistaken for something else. Yeah, I feel … Read More

My Four Favorite Core Exercises

Many men want a six-pack (and some women), and other women want a slim midsection. Yep, I’m talking about the core, abs, mid-section, torso, or whatever you call it. Before going any further, my definition of ‘the core’ is every … Read More