Admitting you need a coach is difficult, Here are 3 signs that will make the decision easier.

Ever heard the saying ‘A lawyer who represents themselves has an idiot for a client?’ They have the expertise and it saves them money, so it makes sense from a financial perspective. But can they look at their case objectively?

Highly doubtful because it’s too personal.

On the other side, you want to lose weight and you’ve heard lifting weights is the best way to do it.  But you have no idea where to start.

From where I sit, you’ve got two options

  1. Muddle through and learn as you go
  2. Hire a personal trainer and shorten the learning curve

Granted these two examples are extremes and there’s plenty of room in the middle.

For some it’s difficult to admit the need to fork over their hard-earned cash to hire a professional. In other situations, it’s an easy decision. For example, a broken pipe spraying water everywhere.

Like most things in life, it depends.

Being a coach for 12 years and stubborn son of a bitch for 50, it’s hard to admit I need help.  

Let Me Get Personal

When starting out as a trainer, I was a know-it-all and I couldn’t be told any different. It was my way or the highway. But my programming was hurting my clients and I wasn’t making any progress in my own training.

It seemed like I didn’t know it all and it was finally time to ask for help. This took the form of asking for sound advice, opening myself up for criticism and getting coaches to write my exercise programs. I was too close to it all to look at it objectively and had to swallow my pride.

Because when you hurt more than help, it’s time to make a change. 

Furthermore, the past two years have been a bumpy ride for me and my family. Moving from Texas to Louisiana, kids starting at a new school, my wife adjusting to a new job and me trying to get my business up and running.

Plus, adjusting from moving from a city to small town has been a challenging experience too.

There’s been times of stress and anxiety and like a typical man I bottled this all inside. Kept adding fuel to my fire not realizing I was about to set everything alight.

Then a year ago my friend committed suicide and my back went out at the same time.  I was in extreme pain physically and emotionally.  It was more than I could bare and took it out on the ones closest to me.

I was spiraling out of control and realizing (finally) my problem with anger, I hired a therapist after consulting with friends and family.  It’s been one of the best personal investments I’ve ever made because I now have my anger issues under control.

Anyway, enough about me.  

Three Signs You Need to Hire A Coach

But what has this got to do with whether you need a coach for life issues or getting in the best shape of your life? Don’t worry I’m getting to that. 

If you’re on the fence about asking for help here are three signs that should make your decision simpler. Notice I didn’t say easy. It’s not always easy admitting you need help.

Because truth be told, I still struggle with it.

1. You’re Hurting Others

I’ve alluded to this already but let me expand on it through the lens of health and fitness. For example, let’s say Jake 40, married father of two is overweight. He’s a good father who provides for his wife and his children but has let his health go by the wayside.

Jake works long hours in a high-pressure environment and the stress combined with lack of exercise has caused Jake to be 40 pounds above his fighting weight. Jake is not too bothered by this but here’s the kicker.

Whenever his two kids want to play with him, he is either too tired or after five minutes of horsing around, he’s done and tells his kids he needs to sit down. Plus, he can’t keep up with his active wife like he used to, and her disappointment shows.

Although he is providing for his family financially he’s not there physically or emotionally. He doesn’t mean to hurt them, but he is. Jake needs to make a change to lose some fat and regain some of his energy.

He can go about it by himself or could hire a coach and get to him where he needs to go faster.

2. You’re Out Of Your Depth

During swim class I was told to jump in the deep end and I was so scared I swam down the other end as fast as I could.  Because of this I earned my first swimming certificate for swimming an entire lap of the pool.

All I wanted was to get out of the deep end.

Being out of your depth is a great learning experience but it is fearful also. It’s the old sink or swim analogy. Sometimes when you realize you’re out of your depth, you’re ready for the challenge and or you’re scared and have no idea what to do next.

Either way, it pays to hold on to something to prop you up while you’re treading water. And that something is a coach.

3. Shorten The Learning Curve

The amount of information at our fingertips makes it easy to learn stuff. Need to build a deck? There’s a YouTube video for that. Need to build your body or a small business? Now that’s more difficult.

Learning stuff is great and it’s how you get smarter, wiser or build an awesome outdoor deck. You can learn slow and muddle through making slow and steady progress.

But there are other times when you’re unsure which direction to take or you’re stuck. For example, in the process of building my website and small business, I hired Pat Rigsby who has worked with thousands of people like me who wanted to build their ideal business.

I was unsure about whom I should attract through my content and Pat gave me clarity and helped shorten my learning curve. Could I have figured this out myself? Maybe, but it may have taken me a while.

Hiring a coach made this whole process easier and shorter.

Wrapping Up

It’s hard to admit we need help. Some see it as a sign of weakness and others see it as a dent to their pride. But when you hurt more than help, sink instead of swim or you’re confused or stuck, hiring a coach will help.

Will it be an easy decision? No but it will be worth it.

Are you confused on what to do next when it comes to your health and fitness? Contact me here. I can help.

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