People often fall short because they need to see themselves in a different light, especially regarding health and fitness. We are bombarded with images of beauty, fame, fortune, sex, and muscles. This is neither good nor bad; it just is.

Then some get the wrong idea of what a healthy body looks like, and some go to extremes and unhealthy means to get there.

Some think that’s what a healthy and fit body should look like. And when they work hard and DON” T look like that, they feel like they have failed. Social media has good and bad sides, and the comparison game one isn’t great.

But that’s a story for a different day.

It’s easy for me to say YOU should see yourself in a different light, but let me give you a nudge in the right direction using my struggle as an example.

Never Saw Me As…………………

The last thing I want to come off as is a bragger because I’m far from perfect and have only achieved mild levels of success. Instead, use the following as inspiration because if I can do it, trust me, you can too.

I never saw myself as a writer.

It is, in fact, a minor miracle that you are reading this post, and if you have gotten this far, thank you.

In my early days of school, my handwriting was virtually ineligible, and I couldn’t spell my way out of a wet paper bag. Anything to do with English and reading words I disliked or sucked at, and my grades reflected that.

My mother was a school teacher with an English degree, and as hard as she tried to instill in me the love of reading and writing before she divorced my dad, I still sucked at it. When I changed schools from Year 8 to Year 9, I was so bad at English and so far behind the rest of my grade that I was placed in an English as a second language class.

This class was for people who didn’t read, write, or speak English because they were from different countries. Did it work? Yes and no. My best grade for an English paper was a B+ for a review on ‘To Kill A Mockingbird” because my English teacher appreciated my passion for this book and took pity on me.

See Yourself In A Different Light

As hard as I tried throughout high school with English, I was a borderline student. The English teachers I had barely noticed me and put their focus on the students who excelled and not the ones who were scraping by.

My final grades in high school were graded on an 80/20 curve. If more than 80% passed, it was curved down; if more than 20% failed, it was curved up. When awaiting the letter with my final grades, I was nervous. I had worked hard and put my best foot forward in all subjects, but that wasn’t enough.

My final grade for English was 49% as I was curved down. Truth be told, it didn’t matter because I still passed high school and got into college, but on the other hand, deep down, it sucked.

I worked hard, failed, and definitely didn’t see myself as a writer and was as far as being a writer as ever. So, what has changed? Why, if you are still reading, did I go from what I’ve described to writing this blog for over eight years and making a living from writing?

Besides Seeing Myself In A Different Light…..

My passion for fitness, becoming a certified personal trainer, and the need to make myself better known online led me to strike the keyboard. And, like starting anything when you’re not good at it, I was terrible.

But here I am today, writing for this blog and big fitness publications like


Tony Gentilcore

Breaking Muscle

Garage Gym Reviews

Muscle & Fitness

So, what led to this change from not seeing myself as a writer to being paid for it? Passion and belief. Passion as I found something (fitness) I could write about, a belief I could do it, and time and hard work squared. How does this help you see yourself as a healthy and fit person?

It will happen when you find something you like, stick to it, work hard, and believe in yourself. Yes, it sounds corny. But when you show so much belief in yourself, you will, over time, see yourself in a different light. When you don’t compare yourself to those who may be further along,  then, just maybe, you will see yourself as what you what to be.  

Wrapping Up

There’s a saying that comparison is the thief of joy, but to see yourself as you want to be. It’s better not to compare those who are further along. Instead, put your head down, do the work, and show passion and belief in yourself; soon enough, people will be comparing themselves against you. 

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