Remember when you were a child, and your parents almost always told you to show patience? Mum, when is it dinner time? 6 pm, Shane, and for the love of God, show some patience. Who can be patient when they’re hungry? Dad, when are you taking me to the amusement park like you promised?

Son, be patient; we are leaving soon. Who can show any patience when fun is involved?  

Patience is accepting or tolerating delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset. So, tell me, when you were a kid (it wasn’t that long ago, correct), who could show any of that? IMO, many kids are naturally impatient. Patience is similar to building muscle; It takes time to develop.

Before having kids, I was an impatient person. I did not want things done yesterday, but when my kids acted a certain way, they didn’t stop, and I was putting something together, which was taking longer than usual. Well, let’s say some choice words follow this. The saying patience is a virtue; let’s add it takes some time, too.

Let’s explore patience and how it helps and hurts your health and fitness.

Patience ….Ohh Yeah

Going through a blog post and NOT embedding the Guns’ & Roses song is almost sacrilegious, so here it is.

One of my favorites reminds me of before my wife and I were married 22 years ago; I lived across the pond in Australia. We had to show patience in being together because there was no choice. Then, getting a Green Card so I could work legally in the US took four years. Trust me; my patience was wearing thin.

Okay, two cliches; so far, I’ll try not to do it again.

Anyhow, whether you have developed any patience (I’m still a work in progress), there are times to show this and times when you need to be impatient. For instance, when you’re stuck in traffic like everyone else, it helps to show patience. You’re not going anywhere fast and have no control, either.

Unfortunately, this is where some lose their shit, including yours truly.

Then, there are times when impatience is necessary. Not getting angry or upset, more about not tolerating delay. Needing the bathroom comes to mind, but that will cue the toilet humor. Trust me, being Australian, I could make potty jokes all day, so I’ll devise a better example.

How about in terms of advancing your career? Not stepping over anyone to get there but putting your head down and working and not waiting for things to happen but making them happen.

That’s a better example.

Guess Where It Helps To Show Some Patience?

Have you heard how it took me ten years to deadlift twice my body weight? Well, it did, and what did I have to show to get there? Yeah, that’s not a stretch.

Now, not naturally being a patient person; it was pretty remarkable that ever happened. There is a saying that people give up, not realizing how close they are to achieving their goal. That’s why hanging in there when the odds are against you is a good thing. Because what have you got to lose besides your sanity?

What does this have to do with health and fitness?

People are impatient about results. Over the years, like many personal trainers, I have had my share of clients who have hired me to help them lose fat. Usually, it has taken them some time to get in poor shape, but some want results instantly. Being impatient is good because it drives them to get things done.

But when the motivation wears off, and they realize their impatience is getting them nowhere because it takes time, it trips them up. Clients see splashed all over their social media dramatic results in a short amount of time, and why aren’t they getting that?

If they can do it, so can I. Why, Mr. Trainer, can you not get me in Brad Pitt Fight Club shape?  

That is a good question and another subject in itself, but let’s say people are different, and genetic outliers exist. You should never compare your results to those, ever.

But impatience here leads down two main paths.

Trying something drastic or extreme, like a diet or exercise program.


IMO, both are not sustainable for your overall health and fitness, but you know what is? Showing some patience, after all, you’re an adult now.

Wrapping Up

Patience takes time to develop, and it isn’t easy to show when you want things done yesterday. But when it comes to your health and fitness and this crazy thing called life, it helps to show it. Because you don’t realize how close you are to success, it would be a shame if you did something drastic.

If you were wondering, I got fed, and my Dad eventually took me to the amusement park—patience for the win.  


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