Gym etiquette

The gym is a great place to de-stress and throw some weight around. It’s an environment to improve your mind, body and soul. You can leave your problems at the gym doorstep and just focus on training. Unfortunately, not all people feel the same way as you.

biceps 2

A select group of gym goers sees the gym has their own personal playground and have total disregard for other gym goers.  They hog the equipment, talk at the top of their voices and don’t clean up after themselves. Don’t you love those kind of people?

Most gyms have rules posted up on the gym floor. If they don’t, consider printing this article out and taking it to your gym manager. At the very least, it will be worth it to see his or her reaction.



1. Dance moves belong in a club and not in front of the dumbbell rack

This happens more than you think. Some people don’t realize that when they’re in front of the rack that you can’t get to the dumbbells. Make sure when you’re training that you step five yards away from the rack. Now everybody can have as much fun as you.

2. Keep your clothes on

There’s no need to turn your training into a preview of late-night Cinemax. By all means, go home and check yourself out in the mirror but just don’t do it with a 100 of your closest gym friends around.

3. There’s no need to yell

Every gym has a person who treats the place like an office and talks at the top of his voice. Please don’t be that person. Put the smart phone away and go crush some weights.  Besides, no one needs to hear your pet names for your partner.

4. This is a dumbbell free dropping zone

It’s dangerous to recklessly drop the dumbbells after a set because this can cause injuries to yourself and other gym goers. Over time this will make the dumbbells unusable, and it’s just all round poor form.

5. Sharing is caring

No one likes an equipment hog, especially if the equipment in the gym is limited. When someone asks “Can I please work in with you” the answer should be “Sure, no problem” or “I just have one more set. I’m almost done.” See, that’s not so hard.

Together we can make the gym a sharing, caring and stress-free place where everybody gets better. If you’re lucky, you might still learn some new dance moves.


2 thoughts on “Gym etiquette

  1. I have a very long list of gym annoyances. The main on is people who stand directly in front of the dumbbell racks. Oh and folks who get whey powder all over the place bc they don’t want prepare their shakes is the at a sink.

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