Being a fitness professional doesn’t mean the struggle is real in staying healthy and fit. Between COVID, the rising cost of living, the war in Ukraine, and school shootings, there are a lot of things at play and a few things on my mind. Just like with you too I imagine, and this is not a complaint or excuse, it’s the world we all live in.

Combine this with running a small business, writing for five websites (including this one), my struggles, and raising two teenage boys and one with special needs, there’s a bit on my plate. Again, not a complaint, it’s a blessing and reality.  

Even with having my own garage gym 100 yards from my back door, the struggle to train sometimes is real.

Although the benefits of exercise are widely known, if you have stuff to do or a lot on your mind, one of the last things you (and I) want to do is sweat. Although most personal trainers are freaks because they love to train, that doesn’t mean they don’t struggle with the same things their clients or other people do.  They may put it aside better than others do and get on with it.

But that doesn’t mean the struggle isn’t real.

What Are You Struggling With?

To be clear it’s struggling, not excuses.

Excuses like, there is not enough time, I’m tired, don’t feel it and I’ve just got so much to do, etc., etc. They are ( might be) legitimate excuses sure and ones you have from time to time to stop you from what needs to be done.

Now struggles like mental illness/health, painful joints, chronic or acute pain, and lack of money or transportation. They’re real barriers to stop you from doing stuff. The body and mind are one and if you have something going on that’s out of your control, it can take away your physical energy to do stuff.

I believe mental and physical energy come from the same place and if either is tapped out it will affect the other.

What are you struggling with?

Me, it’s anger and control and one is wrapped up with the other. When I cannot control something, I start to feel angry, and when I lose control it’s usually because of anger. This is a cycle that can be paralyzing, and it stops me from being productive. Unhealthy thoughts and feelings flood my brain and it’s off to the races.

Now most of the time, I can get this under control before it causes major anxiety but not all the time. Sometimes it stops me in my tracks, and I get nothing done. It’s like being frozen in time and I’m trapped in a cage of my own making.

Being a sole proprietor,  if I don’t work, I don’t get paid. Then it’s not just me who suffers but those who depend on me also.

Being A Parent Is A Struggle

Parents struggling with their teenage children is very common. So, I’m not trying to put myself above those parents who are struggling with their children with worse issues than I’m experiencing. That’s not my intention. It’s letting you know that I may be struggling with the same issues as you.

My oldest son struggles with his mental issues and the family suffer right alongside him. This makes the usual rebellious unruly phase of the teenage years worse. The anger and frustration rise in him (when he doesn’t get his way and he loses control) and it’s off to the races.  This becomes a huge trigger for my anger and control issues and it’s hard to keep myself under control.

Basically, I’m a nervous wreck, and ups my anxiety which again stops me in my tracks. I’m the parent, the grown-up, or whatever you want to call it, and need to control my shit better. Other people don’t make you angry, you make yourself angry and grown-ups should rise above and keep control. I get all of it, but this is easier said than done especially when you’re under attack.

It’s a 50/50 deal for me.

Being a parent, you have to take the good with the bad and it’s not all smooth sailing but when it’s bad, it’s very bad. When it’s bad the anxiety, stress, and struggle is real. Do you know what helps with this? Exercise. What is one of the last things you want to do when you’re trapped in your head?

If you guessed exercise, you go straight to the top of the class. It’s a classic catch-22.

Wrapping Up

There is no strength without struggle and life will throw it all at you whether you like it or not. I’ve got my struggles and probably guessing you have your own. Hopefully, when you overcome struggle, you’ll be stronger on the other side. And you know what can help with the stress and anxiety that comes with struggle?

I’m not going to say it. Just whisper it and ingrain it in your brain

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