We’re all suckers for a good myth, like believing that the Loch Ness monster really exists or Elvis is strutting his stuff in a dive bar in Vegas somewhere. These myths are harmless, even fun.


However, Ladies, some myths can be harmful, especially when to comes to your fat loss.

The following three myths have been circulating for years and now’s the time to put them to bed, for good, so you can get the body you want.

1. Cardiovascular exercise is more important for fat loss then weights

Cardio should be included in every well balanced exercise routine. It has numerous health benefits (reduced risk for heart disease, reduced blood pressure) as well as burning calories.

However, when it comes to fat loss, cardio should never be the primary method, according to Scott Josephson.

“Keep in mind that the biggest concern when trying to lose weight is muscle loss. If you lose fat and lose muscle along with it, you might have a bigger issue to tackle. Less muscle mass equals’ lower metabolic function.

Fat loss programs should ideally concentrate on you controlling the ratio of calories in and calories out, as well as you doing everything in your power to prevent losing muscle”

Losing muscle will sabotage your fat loss efforts.  Lifting weights will prevent this while doing more cardio will not.  So Ladies, get off the treadmill and lift for a change. Your waistline will thank you.

2. “Ladies, you can tone and shape your muscles using this revolutionary method from…..”


 You’ve been feed this bunch of baloney for far too long. Just because this has been repeated over and over again by marketers try to sell you things doesn’t make it true. Listen again to the wise words of Josephson, who will set you straight once and for all.

“Generally speaking and despite what marketing tells us, there is no training system, method, or tool that will ultimately change the shape of a muscle since they are genetically determined. Our parents ultimately have more to do with our physique than just about anything else does.”

So from now on, concentrate on calories in and calories out and lifting weights two-three times a week, and never fall for that line again.

3. Lifting anything heavier than a pink dumbbell will get you huge

You may have seen those female bodybuilders and thought to yourself, “That’s going to happen to me if I lift heavy.” Stop that line of thinking right now. This is not going to happen for two reasons:

1. Those ladies eat, take supplements and train for years and years to get that look.

2. Females don’t have as much muscle building hormone testosterone as men do.

Fear not, Ladies. Training with heavier weights while maintaining a caloric deficit will help you burn fat, make your muscles stronger and help reveal the body you desire.

Now leave the treadmill behind and go mix it up with the men in the weight room. Flexing and admiring yourself is completely optional.



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