Gyms are a dime a dozen.

During my time as a personal trainer, I’ve worked in my fair share. Personal trainers see gyms a little differently because it’s a unique workplace but also a place to ‘workout.’    

I’m assuming which gym you exercise in is not a huge priority.  As long as it’s cheap, clean and reasonably close to home, you’re reasonably happy.

You pay your month by month membership to rent the equipment to shed fat, build muscle or to improve performance.

But it’s a priority to me.

You see, a lot of big based big box commercial gyms rather you not show up at all. Because once you’ve paid your membership fee and get billed monthly, you’re a part of their bottom line.

They don’t care if you reduce yours. 😊

Imagine if all the gym members of your gym showed up at once? Yeah, that wouldn’t work. It’s like if everybody showed up to withdraw their money from the bank.

There’s not enough to go around.

It’s the same scenario at the big box gym except it’s easier to withdraw your money than it is to cancel your gym membership.

And I’ve seen this over and over.

Combined with fast and loose gym practices, members being treated like $ signs and substandard treatment of personal trainers, led to me being over gyms completely.   

And rather than complain, I did something about it. Hence, I started Outback Performance.

Outback Performance is a small, private gym where clients are treated like family and get the one on one attention they deserve. They talk, I listen. They want something done, I do it.

This rarely happens a big box gym.

And you get personal training and use of my gym for a monthly fee. No contracts, no membership fees and when you want out or in, there is no hassle or drama. However, my sense of humor comes with this package.

Sorry, not so easy to get away from that 😊  

Please come check it out  Outback Performance if you’re in Bossier Parish . And try a week free to see if it’s the right fit for you. No strings attached. Please message me here for a free week’s trial.

Make it a great day.


  1. Ellen

    Shane is the real deal. He really cares about his clients. Give him a try!

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