Since becoming a certified personal trainer, I’ve trained around and rehabbed through several injuries (some which are my own fault) including:

  • Torn quadriceps
  • Strained hamstrings
  • Knee and ankle tendonitis
  • Strained triceps tendon
  • Tennis and golfer’s elbow
  • Right A/C joint inflammation
  • 3 herniated disks, back spasms and back strains
  • Strained shoulders

When you’re older and physically active, shit happens. You get hurt. And in my case, hurt a lot because some of it comes with the territory. Does it mean I’m broken?

No, I’m not broken, and neither are you.

You’re wonderfully put together even before you were born. It was then all the software you needed to squat, carry, push, pull, hinge, walk, run and sprint was installed into your brain.

How do you think babies learnt how to roll, lift their heads and crawl? They didn’t learn by watching their parents. because they already knew.  

Yes, sometimes you get hurt and get knocked down. You’re told by doctors, Physical Therapists and some fitness professionals that you’re broken and in need of repair

I’m calling B.S.

You’re not broken.

Are you in need of repair? Maybe, but you’re not broken.

The software hasn’t gone anywhere. It’s still there and still operational but it may need updating. Because of activities of daily living, injuries (new and old) and advancing age, the software needs a disk clean-up.

However, once you start moving as the software intended you to move, better things start to happen. You feel better, get more confident and healthier and fitter.

Does it solve all your pain and injury problems? No, it doesn’t. All this proves is you’re not broken and you can still do stuff.

Wrapping up

This is not a knock on the fitness or medical community. They’re only following through on their training. But this doesn’t mean you have to believe everything they say.

However, you can still move because you are wonderfully made.

If you need help working around old (or new injuries), you can contact me here. I’m a handy problem solver.

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