Setting up a home gym is not as expensive as you think.

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Regular workout is a necessity for everyone who wants to stay fit and healthy always. I am sure you are aware of this, and that is why you pay a steady visit to a gym to exercise.

Even though constant sessions in a gym come with different financial and social responsibilities, people still manage to meet the financial requirements and adhere to different instructions because they prioritize their well-being and fitness.

Interestingly enough, you can have a better workout routine without going to a gym at all. Did you just ask how? It is simple: set up a gym in your home! Setting up a home gym is a decision everyone who values a healthy lifestyle must take, especially during a pandemic like this. 

Apart from the fact that it will save you from continuous payment of gym membership fee and other related expenses, having a home gym will also give you a total freedom to workout any day, any time. Awesome, isn’t it?

However, a lot of people give up on setting up a home gym because they think it must be very costly for it to be effective. Good news! Contrary to this popular belief, you do not need to break the bank to set up a home gym. 

With only $200 or less, you can own a gym in your home and experience the best of workouts. Below are step-by-step guides on setting up a home gym for $200 or less.

Choose an Appropriate Space

This first step will not cost you a dime but you have to be very strategic with it. If a part of your home is free and appropriate for workout purposes, then you’re good to go. But if otherwise, it means you have to do some re-arrangements within your home to create space that is wide and good enough for you or you and your family to the gym. 

Whichever dimension it takes, what is important is that you are not going to spend money building an annex construction to set up your home gym.

In addition, note that there are criteria a space must fulfil before you consider it ideal for your home gym.

First, it has to be open and quite wide to allow you stretch different parts of your body during exercise. Also, its surface has to be body-friendly i.e. smooth to avoid unnecessary injuries in the process of working out. Lastly, the space’s surface should be leveled. 

Buy Necessary Gym Tools

Now that you have an appropriate space for your home gym, the next step is to buy tools that you need for different exercises. Necessary gym tools in this context means tools that have no available free alternative. 

This means that you should not waste money on basic tools whose function can be performed by an object in your home. For instance, a weight is a basic gym tool but it is not necessary because a heavy chair or table can serve its purpose. 

So, buy only indispensable gym tools in line with your favorite workout trainings. Examples of such cost effective gym tools, all which can be bought with $200 or less include:

  • Resistance bands
  • BOSU Trainer
  • Foam roller
  • Exercise mat
  • Adjustable jump rope
Choose a Virtual Gym Instructor

Like step one above, this also costs you $0! There are thousands of free applications that feature a gym instructor alongside training tips. You can download one of these apps, and follow the instructions of the virtual instructor at no cost.

Alternatively, you can subscribe to an experienced instructor’s YouTube channel to receive free workout guides. 

Next? Set up your Gym and Get Started

Arrange your gym tools smartly in the chosen space, and start unlimited workout sessions. Hurray, your home gym is ready for $200 or less!

Wrapping Up

You can live your dream of having a home gym with $200 or less by following the tips discussed above. Do not hesitate to drop your questions in the comment box, and let us know if you find this article helpful. Thanks for reading.

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