The perfect time to start.

Does it even exist? I think most of you probably know the answer to this question. But why do so many of us wait around until all our ducks are in a row so that we can move forward?

Maybe this is out of habit, or you don’t really want to start in the first place. But this is purely a guess.

Me, I’m a first-class procrastinator. I’ll do it if I can wait until the very last second to do something or do nothing at all. Because I’m always waiting for the perfect time to write, exercise, or do anything worthwhile that requires effort. If there is an easy way out, I’ll usually take it.  

The laziness gene is strong in me. 😊

The perfect time to start a new diet or exercise program is something I hear and see a lot. Does this even exist? Let’s dive in.

The Perfect Time To Start Is Monday

Josh Hillis and Dan John wrote a book in 2014 titled “ Fat Loss Happens On A Monday” One of the premises of the book is a lot of people start their diets on a Monday. Now, off the top of my head, a quick Google search put this study to the forefront. This study suggested that you’re more likely to follow through with your goals if you start on a Monday rather than a Thursday.

This study found people are motivated to pursue their goals on specific dates like a birthday, a holiday, a new financial quarter, or a Monday. These moments stand out in time and make it simpler to mentally separate from their past imperfections and failures.

So, the diet you started and stopped last year because of all the rules, poof, it’s gone and forgotten about. Now on to a new diet with a bunch of regulations. Let’s go.  

There mightn’t be a perfect time to start, but it seems a Monday is a good time as any to start. I’ve never dieted, but most workout programs I’ve started and completed have started on a Monday. So, there might be something to this.  

Sometimes It’s Just An Excuse

At times people make a big deal about starting something new, especially diet and exercise programs. They need the weather to be a certain temperature.

Or their new workout clothes or a gym membership for a specific price. They need to wait three weeks from now because their schedule will clear up. There is always something preventing them from starting because they’re waiting for the perfect time.

When everything is the way, the way they want it, then they will start. Does this ever happen, or will this person keep putting up self-imposed barriers to prevent themselves from ever starting?   

Searching for the perfect time to start is not only procrastination but an excuse. Excuses, no matter how legitimate they are, give some a free pass and absolve themselves of all responsibility. But here’s the thing, people’s health and fitness don’t need excuses; it requires action.  

The Truth Is….

There is never a perfect time to start. Nothing would likely get done if you waited for the perfect time. This is easy for me to say, a little harder for you to do. And I have no idea of the obstacles you face, but I have some advice, for it’s worth.

Making part of my living from the written word, and having deadlines to meet and mouths to feed, waiting around for the perfect time for me to write doesn’t exist. Production is the name of the game. It is not my editor’s concern if I’m unwell, have personal issues, or have other deadlines due.

Mostly, they care about an article hitting their inbox.

Cutting to the chase, don’t worry about the perfect time; instead, make the most of your time. For instance, I’m writing this blog post in a hot, sweaty car because it’s the only time I’ve got.

Being productive with whatever you want to achieve, even if it’s as little as 10 minutes is better than zero. Forward motion is forward motion, no matter how small it is or how imperfect it is. Following this, I now write for three health and fitness websites.

Imperfect action is better than no action at all IMO.

Instead of a Perfect Time, Do This

Whether you start something new on a Monday or not, don’t start big; start small. Starting small will help you get into the groove better than making a drastic change. For instance, say you’re starting a new workout program that calls for three sets of everything. Instead of doing three sets and getting super sore, begin with one or two sets and build up to three sets.

You’ll be less intimidated while starting to build better habits. Now there’s nothing wrong with starting big, but if you a start-stop-start kind of person, start smaller with help.

Wrapping Up

There is no perfect time to start most things, but starting on a Monday may help it stick better.  Instead of waiting for the ideal set of circumstances to start, be productive with the time you have and start small. You might be surprised by the result you get by starting small and productive.


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