Otherwise known as making it work, but I already wrote about that, so I went with overcoming obstacles. You have responsibilities outside yourself when you’re an adult or at least a partial one like me. Things like work, kids, paying the bills, bringing up kids, and all that entails, etc.

And most of the time, these take precedence over your health and fitness.

Because having abs is nice, but having a roof over your head is essential. Obviously, you can do both, but some can’t. In a roundabout way of saying, time, or lack of it, is always an obstacle to getting or staying healthy and fit.  

Some do a great job with it, and others don’t. You only need to walk down the street to see how some people don’t take care of themselves. No judgment: it is just an observation. It is not helpful to harp on about the problem; let’s start seeking solutions—first, an example.

Real-Life Example Of Overcoming Obstacles

I taught group exercise classes in an unassisted retirement community a few years ago. And some of these people had significant health and age-related obstacles in coming to class. Some residents couldn’t afford assisted living facilities and lived here instead. The retirement community did their best to rally around these people, but the struggle was real.

Anyhow, there was one lady that stood out to me. She would come to class hooked up to an oxygen machine. She had to do all her exercises seated and would often get out of breath, but she would battle and get it done.    

Her presence would uplift me if I had a bad day because it reminded me it could ALWAYS be worse.   When other group exercise participants mentioned their health obstacles and used them as an excuse for whatever reason, this is what I said.

“ See her hooked up to the machine she had to wheel down here to come to class? If she can do it, so can you.”

Usually, everyone would get on with it, and it would be a great class. I’m not discounting the other residents’ health issues because they are real and severe. But to stop the class from getting bogged down in negativity, it was my job to snap them out of it. Remind them that it could be worse, and by showing up, they have made their day a little brighter and healthier.

How To Overcome Obstacles

She gave me a ton of inspiration. Whenever I wasn’t feeling it or had obstacles of my own, real or imagined, all that was needed to remind me was that she exercised hooked up to a machine. If she can do it, then so can I.

But how did she overcome her vast obstacle?

Not being a mind reader or able to go back in time and ask her, here’s an educated guess. She wanted to improve and wouldn’t take her current situation as a stopping point. Her willpower, stubbornness, and ability not to let her current situation define who she is played a vital role in coming to class.

Having no idea of her difficulties in getting to class (or your obstacles) made me well aware that if there is a will, there is a way. Sorry for the cliché; I promise it will be the only one. 😊  

There are two ways around obstacles: through it or around it. Going through it like a bull at a gate might be the shortest way, but it’s definitely not the easiest way. IMO, going around it might take longer, but it’s the most doable.

But either way, you need to have the will.  

How You Can Make It Work

I’m not pretending to know the obstacles you’re encountering with your health and fitness. But here are a few suggestions on going around a few noticeable obstacles I’ve encountered in my travels.

Lower body injury or pain? Train your upper body or exercise the side that doesn’t hurt. Your upper body is hurt, or is it injured? Train the side that is not injured or train the lower body. You can find out here and here on how to do it.

You can ask me here if you need a hand working around a current issue.

Is training time an issue? Here’s how to make it work when you lack the time and your do-to list is crushing you.

Are you stressed out of your mind? Here’s how to exercise when stress is an issue. More to the point, when isn’t it? 

Wrapping Up

You all have obstacles, big and small, real or imagined. They can get in the way of a healthy and fit life. How much they get in the way is up to negotiation. See, there were no more cliches in there. I kept my promise.

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