Do this when you have no time for exercise

There is a common misconception you need a lot of time to exercise for it to be effective. Plus, a common excuse for not exercising is having no time. See how the two are linked?  If you don’t have 30 minutes to get your sweat on, why bother even starting.

I get when people DON’T want to do something.  They will come up with every excuse in the book NOT to do it. Exercise is one of those things. If you’re one of those people, stop reading now.

But if you genuinely have no time and need to squeeze in the occasional workout for health, vanity, or any other reason then this is for you. There are methods in this article you can use to get your sweat on when time is of the essence.

Before We Go Any Further

All movement is good movement. Whether it is walking, gardening, cleaning, taking the stairs or walking to the fridge for ‘supplies.’

Because when you truly don’t have time for formal exercise, being more active throughout the day will have an impact on your waistline and health. N.E.A.T (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis) can account for up to 50 % of daily calories burnt in highly active individuals.

To increase your N.E.A.T, find more opportunities to move and include them into your daily routine. For example,

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Park further away from the entrance when you go shopping
  • Do some house/yard work
  • Play with your kids
  • Take the dog for a walk

Are a few examples.

The trainings here will be more intense to help you get the results in less time.  When you exercise intensely with short periods of rest (High Intensity Interval Training or HIIT) this combined with eating like an adult will set the stage for fat loss and muscle-building. (1)

No Time Trainings

To maximize the little time you’ve got to train, here’s what you’ll do.

1.     Group exercises in tri sets (3 exercises) and circuits (5 exercises) to help you get more done in less time.

2.     Limit the equipment you use to one or two pieces to be more efficient.

3.     Either exercise for time (30 seconds) or reps less than 10.

4.     Use light to moderate resistance because we’re not working on strength.

5.     Little rest between exercises and circuits. Obviously rest more if needed take it. We are focused on quantity and quality.

No Time Resistance Band Examples

1A. Resistance band squat-8-10 reps

1B. Lateral walk 8-10 reps per side

1C.  Curl to Press 8-10 reps per side

Do 3 circuits or as many circuits as you can do in 10 minutes.

1A.  Squat to Press 8-10 reps

1B. Lateral walk 8-10 reps per side

1C.  Staggered Stance Row 8-10 reps

Do 3 circuits or as many circuits as you can do in 10 minutes.

1A. Squat to Row 8-10 reps per side

1B.  Pallof Press 8-10 reps per side

1C.  Unilateral Chest Press-8-10 per side

Do 3 circuits or as many as you can in 10 minutes.

No Time Dumbbell Examples

1A. Goblet Squats with Pause 8-10 reps

1B. Split Stance Rows 8-10 reps per side

1C.  Crunch with Reach 8-10 reps

Do 3 circuits or as many circuits as you can do in 10 minutes,

1A. Single Leg Floor Press 8-10 reps per side

1B.  Single Leg Hip Ext 8-10 reps per side

1C. Deadbugs 6 reps per side

Do 3 circuits or as many circuits as you can do in 10 minutes.

Do anywhere from 3-8 reps of the following unilateral exercises. Do one side entirely and then the other.

1A. Snatch

1B. Overhead Carry

1C.  Front Squats

1D. Push Press

1E.  Cross body row

One round is both sides and 2-3 rounds will be enough.

No Time Bodyweight and Med Ball Examples

1A. Squat to Reverse Lunge – 5 reverse lunges on each side

1B. Bent over T raise -15 reps

1C.  Push-ups        -10 reps

Do 3- 5 rounds with little rest between exercises and tri sets

1A. Push Ups -10 reps

1B. Side Planks 15-30 seconds per side

1C. Bodyweight Squats

Do 3 rounds or as many rounds as you can do in 10 minutes

1A. Squat Toss 8 reps

1B. Slams 8 reps

1C. Side lunges with Reach- 4 reps each side

1D.  Floor Chest pass 8 reps

1E. Halos 8 reps both sides

Do 3-5 rounds with little rest between exercises and circuits. But rest when needed.

Trainings are accessed here.

Wrapping Up

There are going to be times when time is of the essence, but you still want to keep up your health, fitness, and vanity. This is when you need your exercise to be short, effective, and intense. And when you’re willing to be uncomfortable in the short-term, you will reap  long-term benefits.


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