Summer exercise tips

During the summer, exercise is probably the last thing on a lot people’s minds. With parties, work, family and vacations, exercise is often pushed down the to-do list.

However, after overindulging in the good stuff thoughts may drift to exercise out of food guilt. “I have to run that many miles to work off that piece of pie?” Hopefully, that pie was worth it.


The summer is a time for enjoyment, but with so many things going on, it’s difficult to follow any exercise routine consistently. Instead of slaving away on the treadmill, use the following strategies for when your time is limited, so you can have your pie and eat it, too.

1. 10-minute exercise bursts

 When you’re at home and have a spare 10 minutes, do this bodyweight training so the calories will go to your muscles instead of the hips.

1A. Front plank 30-60 seconds

1B. Bodyweight squats 20 reps

1C.  Push ups (or incline Push ups) 8-12 reps

Note- Any incline surface will do.

1A. Plank to pushup- 10 reps

1B. Reverse fly’s – 20 reps

1C. Reverse lunges- 10 reps on each leg

Rest one minute after each circuit and do four – five circuits total.

2. Use your imagination

 During this holiday season when time is your enemy, it’s the time to get creative with exercise. You need to think outside the dumbbell. Here are some examples to get you fired up.

  • Use cans of food for these arm and shoulder exercises
  • Fill an empty milk jug to do these exercises
  • Or use the couch

3. Be more active

 Even when you don’t have time for formal exercise, just being more active throughout the day will have an impact on your waistline. There’s a little thing called N.E.A.T (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis) which can account for up to 50 % of daily calories burnt in highly active individuals.

To increase N.E.A.T, find more opportunities to move and include them into your daily routine. For example

  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Park further away from the entrance when you go shopping
  • Do some house/yard work
  • Play with your kids
  • Take the animals for a walk
  • Stretch or do some body weight exercises on the hour, every hour while sitting at your desk.

Doing any kind of movement and being more active is the key here.

The summer are a time to be spent with family and friends and not worrying about everything you eat or drink. The only things to be concerned with is where the nearest beach is and how much sunscreen you have.


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