The best exercise you’re not doing…….

This is a weekly series on exercise that will give you the biggest bang for your exercise buck in and out of the gym. Today’s exercise is Foam Roller Assisted 1-Legged RDL (mouthful I know) courtesy of Zac Gabor and Tony Gentilcore.

You should do this because–  balance, balance and did I mention mention balance? This single leg hinge movement (without the foam roll) is the perfect way to pick light stuff off the floor without hurting your lower back.

Makes your everyday life easier because–  better balance and less stress of your lower back is a good thing. This makes for a great warm up exercise before you train legs too.

Form tips –  Soften the working knee and lock in the foam roll by pointing your toe up and then pushing it down with your hand.  Do 8 reps on each leg when you have a foam roll handy.



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