Being a personal trainer makes me a freak for workouts. Finding a way to get it done is imperative, whether outside, inside, or on the road, when it’s time to get it on. Working out is easy when you have all the bells and whistles around you, but when you’re out of your comfort zone, like when you’re on the road, it’s party time.

Well, it’s only a party if you like working out and are serious about your health and fitness. Moving your body should be a priority whether you are on vacation or traveling for work, whether it is resistance training or going for a walk.  

Below are a couple of ways to look at road warrior workouts. Working out on vacation, even occasionally, helps you hold on to those hard-earned gains and burns unwanted calories from last night’s indulgence. It’s not a huge deal either way because rest is also excellent for recovery.

Working out when you’re traveling for work helps reduce stress and burn calories from the takeout you’re probably eating. And for some, including myself, it’s great to keep a positive mindset when there are other demands on your time.

So next time you are out on the road and want to burn off some unwanted stress and calories, use the following road warrior workouts to keep you on the straight and narrow.

Road Warrior Workout Guidelines And Suggestions

Let’s face it: when you are away from home, equipment or lack thereof will be a problem you must overcome. But if worse comes to worse and you don’t have access to anything, bodyweight exercises are your best friend. The things you have around you, like a bed, your weighted luggage, or paper plates, can all be used as workout tools.

And if you’re fortunate enough to have access to your equipment like suspension training, resistance bands, and a crappy hotel gym, I’ll account for that too. Here, the workouts will be shorter and more intense because your time and focus on the road are usually elsewhere.

These stand-alone workouts can be repeated a few times if your time away is more than a week or so. Bookmark or copy and paste these workouts for future reference, and you can thank me later. Or not.

Bodyweight Road Warrior Workout

Here, you’ll be performing a mix of strength and cardio, which can be performed inside and outside in a minimum of space. Credit where credit is due, as David Jack came up with this format, and it’s my go-to bodyweight workout on the road.

After each strength exercise, you’ll perform either high knees or Iceskaters before moving to the next strength exercise. The goal is to rest as little as possible between exercise and circuits, but if you need rest, take it.

1A.  Jump Squats 10 reps.

Iceskaters or High Knees 20 reps

1B. Incline, decline, or regular push-ups 10-20 reps.

Iceskaters or High Knees 20 reps

1C. Windmill Side Lunge 8-10 reps on each side.

Iceskaters or High Knees 20 reps

1D. Isometric Towel Row 30 seconds

Iceskaters or High Knees 20 reps

1E. Reverse Crunch 12-15 reps

Iceskaters or High Knees 20 reps

Repeat two or three times for a total of three to four rounds.

Crappy Hotel Gym Road Warrior Workout

If your crappy hotel gym doesn’t have any equipment, do the workout above, but if they have a pair of dumbbells, no matter how light, get after it with this short sharp, and intense workout.

1A. Dumbbell Front Squat Or Goblet Squat 10-15 reps

1B. Single or Bilateral Dumbbell Floor Press 12-15 reps

1C. Floor Dumbbell Pullover 12-15 reps

Repeat one or twice for a total of two to three rounds.

2A. Goblet Split Squat Or Side Lunge 8-12 reps on each side.

2B. Dumbbell Bent Over Row 12 reps.

2C. Dumbbell Triceps Extension Variation 12-15 reps

Repeat one or twice for a total of two to three rounds.

Tips: If you only have access to light dumbbells, say between 10 and 35 pounds, the trick is to increase your time under tension by either slowing down the eccentric, lowering part, or adding a pause. Three to five seconds for multiple reps will be enough for a light dumbbell to feel heavy.

Suspension Training Road Warrior Workout

If you own a TRX or something similar, the bodyweight workout world is at your feet. You can take your workout outdoors by strapping your suspension training around a tree, wrap it around a secure anchor point indoors, or use it in a door frame.

Due to the many suspension training exercises, it’s best to focus on the exercises that train multiple muscle groups and give you the biggest bang for your buck. Here is an example.

1A. Overhead Squat 12-15 reps

1B. Unilateral Chest Press 8-12 reps.

1C. Bilateral Row 15-20 reps

Repeat one or twice for a total of two to three rounds.

2A. Assisted Drop Or Curtsy Lunge 12 reps per side

2B. Overhead Triceps Extensions 10-15 reps

2C. Hip Drops 8 per side.

Repeat one or twice for a total of two to three rounds.

Resistance Band Road Warrior Workout

Resistance bands are portable, cheap, and don’t take up much room in your bag. They are great for workouts, stretching, and flexibility when I’m on the road. Here’s an example using band supersets, which can be done outside or inside.

1A. Front Squat 12-15 reps

1B. Band Resistance Push Ups or Chest Press 12-20 reps

Repeat once or twice for a total of two to three rounds.

2A. Band Resisted Reverse Lunge 12 reps on each side.

2B. Split Stance Row 12-20 reps

Repeat once or twice for a total of two to three rounds.

3A. Biceps Curls 15-20 reps

3B. Overhead Triceps Extension 15-20 reps

Repeat once or twice for a total of two to three rounds.

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