One Size Doesn’t Fit All When It Comes To Exercise

Always. All.  Never. Everyone. Everybody. These words suggest there is no exception as it is one way or the other. This and words like it don’t have much of a place in life or in the world of exercise. 

When you go clothes or shoe shopping are you the same size as all the people in the store? No, of course not. But you all need clothes and shoes even though you wear different sizes. This is similar to exercise. You all need movement but some like lifting weights and others like Zumba. Different strokes for different folks. 

Then why are there some trainers/coaches/fitness professionals/fitness influencers who believe what they’re selling works for all? All you have to do is fork over your hard-earned cash upfront so you too can look like the results they are selling. And if you don’t get the results, you’re looking for you feel it’s your fault and you’ve failed.

Not the failure of the program or diet. Yours. 

Now the program or diet might work for the majority, it just didn’t work for you. This is because one size doesn’t fit all. But this is not a failure on anyone’s part because you have found one less thing that works for you. 

Pick up the pieces and move on. 

Same Shoes Different Size

This is going to be explained through strength training because this is my wheelhouse, but the same principle applies to exercise in general. When it comes to strength training there are fundamental human movements that need to be trained for you to become stronger. They are


Carries/Locomotion activities 

Pulling (rows)

Pushes (push-ups)

Hinging ( hip extension, deadlifts, etc.)

Lunges/Single leg exercises (split squats)

Within this broad spectrum, there are many variations and tools used to perform these fundamental human movements. You all need shoes, just in different shapes, styles, and sizes. And how do you know if the shoe fits? Well, you have to try it on of course. Because your body doesn’t care what kind of resistance you use, as long as you have some type that stresses your body without too much pain or discomfort.

Plus, did you know there are many variations of the human hip joint? It can vary in the size of the ball, size of the hip socket, and the angle at which the ball comes into the socket, just to name a few. Big deal you say, how does this apply to you?

This affects what variations of leg exercises you do, squat depth, where you place your feet for an exercise, and how much you ‘feel’ an exercise depending on what type of hip you have. Cliché alert – Plus, some may cause you pain and you feel it you’re putting a square peg into a round hole.

Hopefully, you get the point, one size doesn’t fit all.

Quick Size Talk About Diet

Diet is not my wheelhouse but I’m going to stick my bib in it anyway. 

For the most part, you lose weight by expending more calories than you take in. You put on weight by taking in more calories than you burn. There are many books about diets, many diets on the internet, and all of them work by either creating a caloric deficit or caloric surplus. Nothing more nothing less. 

Yes, there are many rules about what you should eat and when you should eat it but none of it works if you’re not in a deficit or surplus. Got it? Good.

Now if all diets do the same thing (shoe) you just have to find the right fit (size). Diets are definitely not a one size fit deal because we all have different personal preferences, tastes, and lifestyles. Some foods that I can tolerate, you might not. Again, different strokes for different folks. 

Like exercise, the only way to know is to see if the shoe fits. Sorry, I’m full of cliches, shit, or maybe both. If try it and it doesn’t work, you have found one more than that doesn’t work. And you’re one step closer to finding out what does. But a word of warning, if some guru explains that his or her diet works for everybody and has a bunch of complicated rules, run, run, run, run, run, run away. 

Wrapping Up

In a world that pushes one size fits all and puts us all in the same box is one, you should dismiss. You need to find what works for you and this involves a little trial and error. Be patient because you will fit the right shoe for you. Just like Cinderella.  

If you’re looking to find the right exercise fit for you, I can help.

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