Let’s look at the definitions of the word commitment.

  • An agreement or pledge to do something in the future.
  • The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.
  • An engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action.

A few things stand out for me with the definitions listed above. Agreement to do something for yourself or others in the future means setting aside time to do something.

Being dedicated means applying yourself to the task at hand and an obligation that restricts freedom; this is tricky. Let’s say that once you pledge and are dedicated to it, you cannot do anything you want, and you need to focus on getting it done.

How does this help you? I’m getting to that.

Commitment to Yourself

If your adult life is anything like mine, you have several commitments. You have a job, bills to pay, kids to look after, errands to run, or a partner to care for and love. Some of these you enjoy, and some of them you don’t. For instance, getting married and committing to my future wife 21 years ago was the best decision I’ve ever made.

Something I enjoy and have never regretted. Now, paying bills, does anyone enjoy that? Probably not, as it is just a part of life. Your life is full of commitments to others, seen and unseen. And that is neither good nor bad; it just is. But how often have you been committed to yourself and your well-being?

Let’s explore this for a moment.

Commitment & Fitness

A few days ago, I posted this on Facebook.

“The first commitment you should make is to yourself. This will make overcoming your health and fitness obstacles easier.”

For lack of a better term, what is meant here is to commit to being fit. People often start/stop/start with their health and fitness due to a lack of commitment, although obviously, other factors are involved.

Everyone has stuff that makes it challenging to be healthy and fit—a lack of time, energy, money, motivation, and know-how. People have obstacles that prevent consistency, and I’m not trying to diminish yours because I may have it easier than you.

Being a trainer with a garage gym and money to buy food gives me little excuse, but I realize that only some people are in the same position as me.

For some, maintaining or starting a fitness program is paved with obstacles.

But like when I committed to my wife 21 years ago, when becoming a certified personal trainer, I committed to a fitness life. Has it been easy? No on both counts. There have been some significant bumps along the way, but my commitment has wavered at times, but it has never been broken.  

I didn’t mean it wouldn’t be difficult when I said easier. I suggested that it makes a complicated process slightly more manageable.

Is Commitment Your Missing Link?

The basis or core of health and fitness is simple. Move well and often and eat most of your food that has a face or comes from the earth. But the application is a little more complex, as previously mentioned.

Only a little about health and fitness is convenient in the current climate. You only have to look at the obesity crisis for evidence of that because it is probably easier to be overweight than it is to be fit, IMO. But none of this changes the fact that if you want to live a quality life and be there for your loved ones physically and mentally, you need to commit yourself.

And yes, it will be challenging, but it will be worth it. Once you make a personal commitment to being consistent with your health and fitness and doing a little over the long haul, good things will happen.

Make a pledge, become dedicated to it, and focus on the long haul to make it happen. Commitment, is it your missing link?

Wrapping Up

Commitments, we all have them, and they are essential, but what gets lost among all those commitments is making one to yourself. Once you have committed to your health and well-being, no mountain will be too big to climb.  

Because now you’ll be strong enough to climb it.

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