What would you do if you could not stuff it up, you know, not fail? I’d love to be a voice of an animated cartoon character or a professional sports mascot. Now IMO, that would be fun because no one can put a face to the voice or actions. It would allow me to go hog wild and be my silliest self.

When I act silly now, everyone sees my face, and they can put a face to my actions. It’s okay, but I cannot get away with my actions scot-free, not that would stop me in the first place. But if nobody knew who I was, ohh, the damage I could do.

Consider what you would do if you couldn’t stuff it up. Dollars to donuts probably would not include what I will talk about.

Hang on to your dumbbells because I’m about to go.

Stuff It Up, What?

Did you think about what you would do if you couldn’t fail? Yeah, it’s about as easy to answer as what you will do with the rest of your life after finishing high school. But it is an interesting question to ponder regardless. What would you do?

Anyhow…… you know what I would do. 😊

When it comes to diet, nutrition, and exercise, there’s a ton of information, information overload if you ask me, and millions of ways to go about it. It’s easy to get confused, easy to chop and change when something doesn’t work, and easier to be led down the garden path by so-called experts.  

And it is easier never to get started in the first place because which path do you choose? Analysis by paralysis baby.

Here is what gets stuck in my teeth about how health and fitness are marketed by people whose sole intention is to make money. Particularly to people who want to lose weight and need clarification about where to start. Listen, I am not against making money, but when it’s your sole focus when it comes to health and fitness, I have a problem with it.  

But it’s not my only problem.

It’s marketing health and fitness as a starting and stopping point. Like 45 days to a new you without giving up your favorite foods type of rubbish. Treating your health and fitness like it is disposable, like a product, and very much like it is as easy as pie. In my experience, it’s never been that simple.

But when you’re desperate to change, this message is appealing. You can start, you can reach your goal, and then you can stop. Boom, that’s easy, but to a health and fitness veteran like me, it’s a red flag.   

Okay, I Got Sidetracked

Did you notice my sarcasm and disdain for some fitness marketers?

Your health and fitness don’t have a starting and stopping point; it is not a tap you can turn on and off. Let’s return to what you would do if you couldn’t stuff it up. Most people begin or continue to exercise to help or continue to look better, you know, look sexy. There are other goals, but this one, IMO, is the main one.  

What do you do when you follow a diet, exercise plan, or both and don’t reach your goal(s)? You most likely feel that you have failed (or stuffed it up) and have three options.

Start a new plan.

Continue on the old one with modifications.

Quit because you feel it’s too much trouble, or you stuffed it up and feel like you’ve failed.

Unfortunately, some go the third option because, you know, they thought it was easy, like the fitness marketer said. It must be your fault that you stuffed it up. But I’m here to tell you and your friends and family that there is only one way to stuff up your health and fitness.

Do you know what it is?


Give up cold turkey and go back to your old ways. That is the only way to fail. Please don’t feel like a failure because you didn’t reach your goal or goals, as the only way to stuff up your fitness is to quit. And not let anyone tell you any different.

Wrapping Up

I’ve seen many people give up on their health and fitness goals because it wasn’t as easy as the brochure advertised. Lifelong health and fitness are not easy due to all life distractions, but it is worth it, and the only way to stuff up is to quit.

And you are no quitter, are you?  

Contact me here if you need direction with your diet and exercise. 

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