Some people are suckers for a good myth like

  • Elvis is alive and well hasn’t left the building
  • Loch ness monster plays a good game of hide and seek
  • Red bull will give you wings
  • Your cat really cares about you

because cats usually only care about two things, food and themselves.

There are myths that hang around the fitness universe like a guy who wears too much cologne at the gym. It smells okay at first but then it lingers around you while he scopes out his next female target.

Fitness myths hang around because some people are trying to make a fast money, want you to buy their product or want to coach you, and make a slow buck.  Either way, you end up losing and they end up richer.

However, let’s not get into certain sections of the media who love to fan the flame to keep the fitness myths burning hot and in the public eye. Can anyone say money, money?

Dr. Oz

I was sucker for myths. So, I don’t blame the uninformed for falling for them. They’re trying to make a change for the better and should be commended.

However, if you’re still fall for these myths, after you read this, your money will give you the finger as it flies into somebody else’s wallet. Sucker.

1. Cardiovascular exercise is more important for fat loss than weights

Cardio should be included in every well-balanced exercise routine. It has numerous health benefits (reduced risk for heart disease, reduced blood pressure) as well as burning calories.

However, when it comes to fat loss, cardio shouldn’t be your primary method.

Because when you’re trying to lose weight the biggest issue is muscle loss. If you lose fat and lose muscle along with it, (by doing too much cardio while reducing calories) this will stall your fat loss efforts because less muscle mass equals’ lower metabolic function.

Your fat loss should concentrate on controlling the ratio of calories in and calories out, as well as you are doing everything in your power to prevent losing muscle.

Losing muscle will throw a spanner in your fat loss efforts.  Lifting weights will prevent this while doing more cardio will not.

2. You can tone and shape your muscles using this revolutionary method from…..

You’ve been feed this bunch of baloney for far too long. Just because it’s repeated over and over by marketers try to sell you things doesn’t make it true.

Despite what marketing tells us, there is no training system, method, or tool that will ultimately change the shape of a muscle since they’re genetically determined.

Our parents ultimately have more to do with our physique than just about anything else does. So, please concentrate on calories in and calories out and lifting weights two-three times a week, and never fall for that line again.

3. Lifting anything heavier than a pink dumbbell will not get you huge

You may have seen those female (or male) bodybuilders and thought to yourself, “That’s going to happen to me if I lift heavy weights.”  That line of thinking is wrong for two reasons

  1. Bodybuilders eat, take supplements and train for years and years to get that look
  2. Females don’t have as much muscle building hormone testosterone as men do

Fear not, training with heavier weights while maintaining a caloric deficit will help you burn fat, make your muscles stronger and help reveal the body you desire whether you’re a man or women.

Which brings me to my next point.

4. Low weight, high rep myth

Some women have bought into the high rep, light weight mentality because they believe lifting heavier weights will get them too ‘muscly.’ That’s quite ironic because training with low weight/high reps with minimal rest is one of the accepted protocol for muscle building.

However, let’s get one thing straight before going any further, building muscle is extremely hard for males and females alike.

To gain a pound of muscle you need a 2000 calorie surplus (or more depending on the individual) above what you usually eat. That’s a lot of protein shakes and hamburgers. So, when you lift moderate to heavy weights with appropriate reps and eat like an adult, you’re not going to turn into the Hulk.


Keep in mind that it only took the Hulk a few seconds to get huge

Of course, you can get bigger muscles from strength training but it’s not necessary a side effect as evidenced by numerous track and field athletes, sprinters and gymnasts.  These people are strong relative to their body weight, so they can perform at their best.

Training with heavier weights and lower reps with sufficient rest, the muscles will get stronger but not necessarily bigger. According to the American Council on Exercise, most women will gain around 20 to 40 percent in muscular strength after several months of resistance training. (1)

5. There are no man or women specific exercises

Despite the obvious differences (hormonal, body composition, organs, etc.)  between a man and woman, all of us still perform the same fundamental human movements everyday such as pushing, pulling, squatting, hinging and carrying heavy stuff around.

These are movements that we ALL need to get stronger in.  Besides, I’ve seen plenty of women curl in front of the mirror and grunt. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

6. No pain, no gain

Some people in the gym environment still peddle this crap around and every time I hear it, I want to run to the nearest wall and throw my head into it several times. Yes, lifting weight doesn’t tickle and pushing yourself beyond your limits sometimes is going to hurt.

However, this all temporary and you should walk out of the training environment read to face the world, not dragging your butt on the ground.

Besides there’s no need to crush yourself every time you set foot in the gym or where ever you train. At times, easy training is good training and leaving feeling better than you walked in is the ultimate goal.

Every now and again, step the pedal to the metal and test your limits. However, this should be the exception and not the norm.

Wrapping up

Now, you know better and please don’t fall for any of this crap again. Consistency and doing a little over the long haul with hold you in good stead.

And with more money in your wallet to spend, go out and buy yourself a shirt to show off your gains.  Flexing is compulsory.

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