Ahh, it’s coming to the end of the year, when we eat and drink, sometimes too much, and start thinking about New Year’s resolutions and maybe resetting some priorities. Probably the most broken resolutions are the ones to do with diet and exercise.

In my opinion, the people who make these resolutions intend to change but fail to make it a long-term priority.  

In fact, I’m not a huge fan of making New Year’s resolutions anyway. Most resolutions are usually vague, open-ended, and have no roadmap to get there. Please don’t get me wrong, something is always better than nothing, but I feel there is a better way.

Anyway, where was I? Yes, priorities. Do you have them, and do you need to reset them to be healthier, fitter, and less stressed you? Then let’s dive in.

Before I Get To Your Priorities

Like many adult humans, I wear a few hats, like dad, husband, Christian, personal trainer, business owner, and writer. With many hats to wear, there are times when you cannot wear them all. Plus, they sometimes conflict with what you’re wearing; this is where priorities come in because sometimes you have to choose one over the other.

I love lifting weights and exercising, which I like to do every day, but alas, I cannot. Exercise is always a priority, but I would put a couple of things ahead of it, and I advise my clients to do the same. Things like  

Family + Friends commitments and emergencies: You got to drop everything, right?

Sleep: Naps are fantastic, and it’s hard to exercise when sleepy.

Hunger: Exercising when I’m hungry is a no-no. Food wins if I choose between eating (when I’m starving) and exercising.  

Exercise is essential because it’s the ultimate form of self-care. But when it comes to my family and friends needing something vital from me and having to choose between the two because of time constraints, family and friends win.

Some other priorities include:

Time over money. You can get money back but not time. If it’s not worth my time, then no amount of money will change my mind.

Family and close friends before all things fitness business related.

If something goes against my Christian beliefs, I have to think long and hard before I consider breaking them.

I don’t always eat well, but more often than not, my health is close to my number one priority.

What are your current priorities? Think about this for a moment.

Resetting Your Priorities

Take stock of your health and well-being when the dust clears. Are you sleeping enough? How are your stress levels? Do you like what you see? Is that scale number where you want it to be?

These questions could go on, but (hopefully) you get the picture. Setting New Year’s resolutions and goals to help change you for the better is fine, but what about priorities? Because if you don’t reset your priorities, it doesn’t matter how many goals or New Years’ Resolutions you make. Because long-term they probably will not happen.

If you feel you need to change something for the better, like your health, by all means, make it a goal but make it a priority too. Goals are great but putting them into action by making them a priority is even better.

So, take a moment when you have a clear space to think about your priorities. Are they in line with the way you want to live your life and to improve the quality of your life? If not, it might be time to reset your priorities.

Wrapping Up

Objectively, looking at yourself is not easy but is necessary for your health and well-being. Setting goals and making New Year’s Resolutions is a good start. Putting them into action is the secret sauce for success. One way to put your good intentions to work is resetting priorities.

There is no way to advise you on resetting your priorities as you need to do this yourself. Contact me here when you’re ready to change.  

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