When it comes to weight loss, some search for a quick-fix solution without rhyme or reason

Here is a fair warning.

If you don’t like opinionated articles with little based on facts, then stop reading. I’d rather we stay friends than upset you.

You have been warned.  

According to the mainstream media, the latest and greatest thing is using diabetic medications for weight loss, drugs like Ozempic, and similar drugs. The off-book use of these drugs is one of the reasons for their shortage. Then people who need them, diabetics, have had difficulty getting hold of them.

Weight loss is always an issue with the growing obesity problem worldwide, and I understand people trying to find a quick-fix solution for their increasing waste line. But the rampant off-book use of drugs like this has led to demand exceeding supply, and the people who really need it, can’t get it.

Then it becomes not only a weight-loss issue but a life-and health-threatening one.

Quick-Fix Solutions

People almost always want the quick fix; I’d bet it is human nature to seek it.

Given a choice of a quick-fix or slow-fix for your problem, which one would you choose? Let’s say you had a plumbing problem (no need to get into details). Would you want the plumber to say this will be a slow-fix deal?

No. You want it fixed right away.

So, people who are overweight and have been for a while will likely want a quick-fix solution because, given the choice of changing their habits and a pill or injection for that, the choice is obvious. Now, granted, some, if not most, people who are overweight have tried and failed to lose weight.

If something is going to help, they will jump on it.

I, for one, are not begrudging those people because I have never been overweight or my health has been in danger because of my weight. So, I don’t know how they feel. But for others who see their growing waistline and would instead continue their lifestyle and lose weight effortlessly by getting a shot of Ozempic, that’s a different matter.

That’s the quick-fix solution that rubs me the wrong way. And not only does it rub me the wrong way, but probably the people who need it for their diabetes too.  

In my career as a trainer, most of my clientele ( if not most trainers in general) have been people who have NOT sort the quick-fix solution for their weight-loss issue. They decided to go the hard road of diet and exercise to try and fix this issue. So, I know how those people feel.

To those people, I applaud you for seeking the difficult road, not the quick-fix solution.

Before You Get The Wrong Idea……

There are multiple reasons why there was a shortage of Ozempic and medications like it, not just for people who wanted a quick-fix solution. You know, drug companies seeking maximum profit, doctors in the pocket of drug companies, supply chain issues, the usual.

There is nothing wrong with making a buck, but when it becomes a life or health-threatening issue, soap box blog posts like this happen. Plus, I’m not against fast weight loss or people seeking a quick-fix solution because I’m one of them.

When my toilet is gushing, please give me a quick fix.

But I’d argue that long-term weight loss and long-life health and fitness need more than quick-fix solutions. Problems like this need doctors to give good advice, not just a pill. Overweight people need to know Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it took a while to get overweight, and it will take time to change.

These people need support, love, and understanding, not just a pill or a shot. They need to know how to build healthier habits and consistency, do a little over the long haul, and only sometimes seek the quick fix.  

But this is fantasy land stuff; whom am I kidding? Just give me the pill.

However, it would be nice, wouldn’t it?

Wrapping Up

There is a time and place for the quick-fix solution.

But IMO, long-term health and fitness are not one of those things because health is not a sprint to the finish line but a life-long pursuit that requires consistency.

Okay, you can take my soap box now. I’m done.

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