Physical strength is a wonderful thing, and it is hard to get because you have to push your body beyond what you think it is capable of. Picking up, putting down weight, and lifting above your head does not tickle. But boy, facing the world head-on is more straightforward once you go through the fire and become stronger than you ever thought possible.

Most clients who hire trainers don’t come to get stronger per se but for vanity reasons. You know the stock standard: lose weight, fat, tone up, etc. Which is great for me because it’s a significant reason I’m still in business. Because, let’s face it, you don’t fork over your hard-earned money and endure a coach watching your every move, not to look better.

Looking better is fantastic and leads to better flex times in front of the mirror. With nobody watching, of course. But any coach worth their salt knows that strength training and getting stronger makes the above possible.

The trick is getting the client to believe it, but once they do, the hidden benefit of strength training will be revealed to them. What is this hidden benefit of strength? Hold your horses; I’m getting to it.  

Why Strength Is Awesome

Muscular strength is a muscle’s maximum force in single or multiple efforts. Having strength and getting stronger are not limited to the following benefits.

Reduces body fat and increases lean body mass

Stronger bones

Better energy levels

Improved standing posture

It boosts metabolism and helps to maintain weight as you get older.

It makes activities of daily living easier

Reduces your injury risk

Increases the strength of your tendons and ligaments

You look awesome lifting heavy things (the most important one)

The benefits are all great, no doubt, and it takes time, effort, and sacrifice to build and improve muscular strength. But not once did it mention the hidden benefit of strength. I guess that’s why it’s hidden. But don’t stress; I am getting to it.

But First, A Story

It will be short, I promise.

Most of my clients are female and, at some time or another, have toed the societal line that women must be skinny, toned, and less than they are now. They must be attractive to their partners, look good at work and be there for their kids’ activities.

I understand this is a vast generalization but bear with me.

They never thought being strong and building muscular strength was possible until the hidden benefit was revealed to them. To keep it short and stop me from raving about my awesome clients, I have been told story after story about my female clients doing something unexpected with their newfound strength.

Another person often tells them to stop because they think they can’t do it or to get somebody else to help them. And on every single one of those occasions, they have done the unexpected and displayed strength that has surprised themselves and others—then the penny drops, and they know training is not all about vanity.

And the hidden benefit of strength is revealed. Do you know what it is yet?

The Benefit of Strength

Being strong makes life easier, puts more gas in your tank, and, combined with a sensible diet, makes you look great. But what is not talked about or forgotten about is what strength does for your feelings on the inside.

Okay, now I’ll get to the hidden benefit of strength.

It’s self-confidence.

Self-confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment. And having this self-confidence helps them in the gym and their activities of daily living. But it has a direct carryover to their relationships and ability to stand their ground when needed.

This self-confidence, like strength, takes some time to build. But once people have it and continue to build on it, it’s like a snowball gathering size and speed going down a hill. They almost become unstoppable.

Strength builds your body and mind and your ability to surprise people.

Wrapping Up

Being strong not only builds physical strength but builds self-confidence too. As a coach, I have seen and heard my female clients surprise themselves and others with their feats of strength. But this is something that is not coachable.

It is something they have to realize. And when they do, the world should watch out.

Do you want to build self-confidence through resistance training? Click here to get the ball rolling. 


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