I’ve often been called the missing link and it’s got nothing to do with my (cue hairy jokes here) appearance. It’s a behavior issue. Often I get a little silly and move around on my hands and feet and eat way too many bananas. But that’s a story for a different time.

After experiencing my fitness journey along with hundreds of clients I’ve trained, there’s a common thread between the people who succeed with their fitness goals and those who don’t. But before I get to this missing link between you and your fitness success, let me share a personal story.

Don’t worry, I’ll get to the point.

How I Met The Love Of My Life

I’ll try to keep this as clean as possible because my kids might read this someday.

The summer of 1998 (and not 69) I was making my way through the UK as part of my 4-month overseas trip before I ‘settled down’ and did grown up stuff. And as part of this trip, I bought a hop on hop off bus ticket around Ireland.

The bus would drop me off at a town, I would stay as long as I like and then I’d book myself on the next bus coming though.  This trip started in Dublin and I was excited, even though I knew nobody on the bus and had no plans besides drink Guinness.

Hmmmm Guinness.

As I was waiting for the bus to drive off, a certain tune came over the radio, from a well-known Australian band called Crowded House singing Don’t Dream It’s Over.  

Then for some reason or another I decided to share my experience with this song with the person sitting in front of me. This vision of beauty would be the future Mrs. Tammy McLean in late 2001 after the world was rocked by the events of September 11.

With me so far?

Before We Got Married, I Had Decisions to Make

20 years ago, I was pursuing a career in broadcast journalism and had a low-level job offer to consider. This combined with leaving behind my family, friends, and everything I had known for 30 years to move to the US where I knew only one person and had to start again.

But that one person is the love of my life and my heart had a huge hole in it with us being separated. Decisions, decisions, decisions.

And I choose love. But it didn’t make the decision to leave Australia any easier. It was the toughest call I’ve ever made. And it was not easy for her too. She knew she was taking on a huge financial and emotional burden with me coming from a different country with no money and no ability to work until I got my green card.

Which gets me to the point of this post.

The Missing Link (For Some) In Fitness

Common excuses for not exercising and eating better, is I haven’t got the time, or I don’t know where to start, or I’m so far gone, why bother? But this isn’t breaking news.

The missing link separating people from their goals is their willingness to sacrifice.

Sacrifice their time to make some type of exercise a priority. Give up some of their favorite fattening food quantities to help get their waistline in control. Or take the time to experiment on what food and exercise balance that works for them to get better.

You need to be willing to sacrifice when starting your fitness journey or if you have higher health and fitness goals. My wife and I make big sacrifices to continue to be married and it’s not easy but it’s worth it.

You have to ask yourself this. Is the pain of staying the same greater than the pain of change?  Either way, you’ll have your answer.

I’m Going To Make A Confession

Although I’m in reasonable shape and strong enough to throw some weight around, I like a lot of men who want the cover model body. But here’s the thing, my diet isn’t the greatest.

Occasionally, I eat too much sugar, potato chips, my favorite processed foods all washed down with a few beers. That in itself is not terrible but to lose body fat to get ripped, some of these would need to go. But at this time in my life and the time we are in the world, I’m not willing to make this sacrifice.

At the very least, I’m honest with myself. It’s not that I can’t do it, it’s (at this time) I’m not willing to sacrifice to do it. And there’s the difference.

Wrapping Up

Getting fit and staying fit requires a sacrifice whether it’s great or small. Plus, there’s a difference between not wanting to do it or you’re not willing to sacrifice to do it.

But some things are worth the sacrifice. Just ask my wife. I’m sure she’d agree. 😊

If you’re reading and willing to sacrifice to achieve your fitness goals, contact me here.

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