There are many meanings of the word will. The one referenced here is not I will,  last will and testament, God’s will, or imposing your will on someone else. The will I’m referring to is the will you have inside of you. The will and determination to do something or to reach your goal.

Now, will and stubbornness do at times walk hand-in-hand. Because if you have the will and remain steadfast in what you’re doing, some will see you as stubborn. Now I’ve mentioned the word will 12 times in two paragraphs. Got to be some kind of record, right? Hopefully, there is a prize involved.

Anyway, way where was I? Yes, if you have the will, there is a way.

Being a personal trainer for over 12 years, clients have come to me with various degrees of determination. Some weak and some strong. Guess which ones are more successful? Let me give you an example.

Will Was Strong, Body Was Not

Many years ago, I trained a client who had his leg amputated below his knee due to previous trauma. He wanted to strengthen this leg for a prosthetic limb and get ready to move around on two feet again. But he faced a ton of challenges. First was pain because the scaring on the amputated leg was significant and wasn’t healing right.

There were times during our sessions when we would stop to re-bandage his leg.

Second, he was in a wheelchair and the challenges of getting in and out of the wheelchair and exercising in the wheelchair were significant. But due to his strong will,  we had the ability to find a way to overcome all those challenges. But unfortunately, we never got to finish our work together because an infection took his life.

What he proved to me during our time together is that determination takes you a long way and helps overcome huge barriers.

Let’s Get Back To You

How strong is your will? Be honest because let’s face it being healthy and fit in this current climate is not the easiest thing. Not the most difficult either but the 24/7 peddle to the metal lifestyle combined with the dreaded C and everything that comes with it doesn’t make it easy either. 

Me, I’m very fortunate to have a garage gym that doubles as a business. With a commute of less than one minute, I can get after it. Financially my family is good, but I realize not everyone is this lucky. Even when my will I’m not feeling it, there’s really is no excuse for me. But how many barriers are you facing when it comes to your health? How many of those are in your control?

When things are in your control, and you still have barriers like time, money, or health issues it’s a question of how bad you want it. Are your will and determination strong enough to face these barriers head-on? Because life presents plenty of problems and it’s up to you (with the help of others) to find solutions.

There’s a little thing about health and fitness. You either pay now or you will pay later. Which one do you prefer?

If You Have The Will, There Is A Way

I’ve overcome some serious and non-serious injuries due to stubbornness. Being a fitness professional, having the knowledge to work around and not through injuries is something that comes with time and experience. But not everyone has the benefit of time, experience, or knowledge.

Currently, I’m training two elderly clients with serious health concerns that affect their ability to exercise. There are a few things they cannot do, and they realize this but still want to get better anyway. Their will is strong.

So, it was up to me to find a way for them and with a few tweaks here and there they’re both able to train without further risking their health. But not everyone has the benefit of hiring a coach or throwing money at it to find a way.

However, if you’re determined, and have the time and patience to find a way, you’ll make it happen.

This is easier said than done but if you or a family member or friend are facing challenges to your health that you can do something about don’t focus on the problem. Focus on solutions. This combined with your will to get better will go a long way.

Wrapping Up

We all face varying degrees of challenges to get and keep healthy and fit. But focusing on the problems doesn’t help. Focusing on solutions is better. If you’re determined and willing to find a way, you can make it happen.

If you need help finding the way you can shoot me a line here.

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