Here is how a social support group helps you to continue to workout

It’s no secret that exercise has immense health benefits for physical and mental well-being. The CDC states that the average American adult needs 150 minutes of exercise a week.

Going beyond that number is even better. But getting up early for a quick jog or heading to the gym isn’t always easy. Working out can be embarrassing or isolating for some, especially when you go at it on your own.

Finding a social support group is one underrated factor that can make your workouts even more enjoyable and effective. Here’s why a good social support system is essential to your exercise regime:

Social Support Encourages Accountability

Even with your exercise goals in mind, there’s a big chance you might not be able to stick to them without encouragement.

Someone who can hold you to your word can make it easier for you to keep going. There’s a reason why WeightWatchers’ weight loss plans for men include a social network called Connect, where users can share updates with other members as they lose weight together.

This tight-knit community of men supports each other as they get #backontrack and share success stories for motivation.

You can likewise share your progress with friends or on social media regularly; having an audience who can encourage and give you advice can make you feel more motivated to keep making updates. Before you know it, you’ll stick to a more consistent routine and start seeing results faster.

Social Support Amps Up The Fun

Exercising on your own can be fun, but without the presence of others, it might start to get boring.

This isn’t good if you’re trying to stay on track. A study from the University of Oxford and the University of Limerick found that collective exercise events increased participants’ subjective enjoyment and energy. A feeling of belonging to a community influences exercise-related behavior, psychology, and physiology.

If you’re beginning to feel like exercise is becoming lackluster or dreary; try joining exercise events with friends and family, like walks, races, or sports. It’s an excellent way to keep things fun while staying fit and bonding with the people in your life.

Social Support Can Change Your Perceptions

Other people can influence your opinions — the same goes for what you think about fitness and yourself. People often rely on their willpower when trying to change their behaviors. When they veer off-track from their fitness plans, they blame themselves, which sets them up for failure.

This is why social support is key to long-term success. Because motivation from your social support group can fill in where your willpower is lacking. They can help change your mindset in the long run, boosting your confidence and motivation.

When you’re upset about missing workout sessions or making a poor diet, you can ask your friends and family for guidance and help. There’s no shame in admitting that you need support, and acknowledging that can give you more drive to stay fit.

Wrapping Up

I believe it counts not where you start but where you finish.

Instead, where you finish is more important. This is why social support is a great way to keep your eyes on your goals. No matter where you are in your fitness journey, you need people who can celebrate your wins and guide you through defeats. 

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