At times our focus is everywhere except on ourselves. Some of us tend to let our good habits slip. Having that extra serving of fries, that extra drink at a holiday party and not setting aside some time to move. This can snowball into weight gain and a feelings of guilt. Despair not, with one … Continue reading FINDING YOUR BALANCE


Quick body-weight routine

When you have no time to train or no access to a gym, this is a perfect body weight routine you can do anywhere, anytime. This is great routine to do for recovery purposes or before/ after you indulge in your favorite treat 🙂 INSTRUCTIONS Complete the four exercises as a circuit with little or … Continue reading Quick body-weight routine

Change your perspective

In this day and age, we have a ton of information at our finger tips, thanks to Google and YouTube. So knowing how to get and stay healthy shouldn’t be difficult, right? However, the statistics tell a different story. According to Marketdata Enterprises Americans spend upwards of 60 billion per year trying to lose weight … Continue reading Change your perspective


Love exercise but sick and tired of not getting the results you deserve? That’s no fun. Making small changes in your current routine could be just what you’re looking for. Implement one or more of the following plateau busters next time you’re exercising and smiling.  Your body and waistline will thank you. Change the tempo … Continue reading BREAK OUT OF YOUR EXERCISE RUT