We spend too much time sitting at our jobs, at home and at the gym.  Yes, even the gym.


Sitting is being called the new smoking. The 2010 study by the American Cancer society, published in the American Journal Epidemiology said that women who were inactive for of 6 hours a day were 94% more likely to die.

Men who were inactive for 6 hours per day were 48% more likely to die than their standing counterparts.

Although comparing sitting to smoking is a bit harsh, but (hopefully) you get the point.

Furthermore, according to Carrie Schmitz, an ergonomic research manager for Ergotron found that sitting for prolonged periods of time is one of the biggest culprits inhibiting your body’s natural calorie-churning engine.

In fact, it takes only 20 minutes in any fixed position to slow down your metabolism.

A new study by Carrie Schmitz reveals that if a person stood instead of sitting for an extra 3 hours a day, they could burn over 30,000 calories in the course of a year (or what amounts to 8 pounds of fat).

Standing, burn calories and looking great compared to sitting most of the time, well it’s really a no brainer.

No brainer

So let’s combine the calorie burning power of standing with the fat burning prowess of resistance training for a routine that will get you strong, healthy and help you live longer, stronger life

It’s time to take a stand.


1. This is 3 a day a week program. Rest 48 hours between trainings. For example Monday- Wednesday- Friday.

2. Complete the following routine has a circuit and rest when needed between exercises. Rest 90- 120 seconds at the end of each circuit.

3. For single arm/leg exercises do the prescribed repetitions on each side.

4. Use a weight that allow you to complete all the repetitions with good form.

5. Do this training for 4- 6 weeks.

Reps and sets

Day 1- 4 circuits – 5 repetitions for each exercise. Heavy weight.  Farmers carry 50 yards

Day 2 – 3 circuits – 10 repetitions for each exercise. Heavy- moderate weight. Farmers carry 50 yards.

Day 3- 2 circuits- 15 repetitions for each exercise. Moderate- Light weight. Farmers carry 50 yards.

Stand up routine

1. Goblet squat Keep chest high and drive your heels into the ground.

2. Single arm row– Keep chest open and feel the muscles between your shoulder blades working. Do both arms.

3. Single arm push press Keep elbows close plus load and explode. Do both arms

4. Goblet side lunge Keep chest high and push into the hip. Do both legs

5. Farmers carry Strangle the dumbbells and puff out your chest.

Now sit down, rest and congratulate yourself for a training well done. Your body and  waistline will give you a standing applause.

Have any questions?

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  1. swosei12blog

    Are you allowed to sit AND smoke for a double impact? 😉

  2. Balance Guy

    ha ha. I think you know that answer to that question.

  3. Joan E Wilder

    Hi Shane! Do you know if you can do a lunge if you have arthritis? I’ve been reluctant to try them again, but I do feel the stretch and seeing the ones you are showing makes me miss them. What do you think?


  4. Joan E Wilder

    I tried them yesterday,that split squat is a little tougher than he makes it look 🙂 Embarrassingly, I mis-remembered the 1/2 kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch so I’ll need to try that one again. Thank you again Shane, I’ll keep at it and work these into my routine – thank you so much!

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