It’s my birthday and I’ll eat if I want too…..

It was my birthday on Wednesday March 6th   . And if I haven’t mentioned it before, I love me some birthdays. Some people run and hide from their birthdays and lie about their age, but not me because I have children to remind me that I’m old.

I’ve managed to stay upright for 49 years now and for a lot of that time, the gym has kept me on the straight and narrow. If it wasn’t for the gym, I wouldn’t have a career, a wife and kids or my very own gym.

Here are a few of my random observations of gym, life, love and Chuck Norris. Hopefully some resonate with you.


1. Exercise is something you get to do and don’t have to do. That guy in the wheel chair would love to squat.

2. You will walk out the gym stronger than when you walked in.

3. Lifting weights lifts your mood. In a shitty mood? Don’t punch a hole in the wall. That hurts. Go to the gym and train instead.

4. The gym is a place to de-stress, throw some weight, and get better every time you walk in there. Not many places like that left.

5. If you’re training for vanity only, you’re really missing the point. Find one deeper reason to keep the fires stoked. Mine? To keep up with my kids and a better role model.

6. When it comes to fitness, many different paths will take you to the same destination. Choose the fun path even if it’s Zumba or wearing tights.

7. Is it normal for a 49-year-old man to be obsessed with Chuck Norris? Yes, yes, it is.


push ups 2


8. There are two people in this world. Coffee lovers and coffee haters. Which one are you?

9. If you want to get stronger, master the deadlift. I love to deadlift even though I’m not very good at it.

10. If you want to get bigger and stronger, master the squat. It’s the best cure for chicken legs ever invented. At least my chickens like my legs.

11. When you’re at the gym, you’re surrounded by like-minded people whose focus is to get better. And it’s better than punching a hole in the wall.

12. It’s easier to be kind and not nasty.

13. Take advantage of the good days and grind through the bad ones. Coffee helps.

14. Treat every repetition in the gym like your one rep max. You’ll get hurt far less and stay stronger, longer.

15. Did you know I failed English at high school and hated to write? Then I found fitness, and everything changed.

16. In the fitness industry (or any industry for that matter), if sounds too good to be true, it’s usually bullshit. Shake weight anybody?



17. Fit exercise to your schedule.

18. Personal training is one of the best jobs in the world because trainers get to wear comfortable pants, tell people what to do and guzzle coffee by the gallon.

19. Most of your training time should be spent squatting, pressing, pulling, hinging and carrying something heavy. There are endless variations and sets and reps schemes that should keep things interesting for the rest of your training career. Don’t fall for the bright shiny objects. See 16.

20. Watching your friends, family and fellow human beings suffer is a reminder on how good you got it. Perspective is a game changer

21. Walking is a fantastic recovery tool and a great way to de-stress after a long day.

22. A smile can change your mood instantly. Come on, show those pearly whites

23. Exercise doesn’t stop once you leave the gym. The world is your playground. Go out and explore.

24. You know that guy who exposes himself at the gym to see his abs? Dude, we all see you. Besides if you don’t got it, don’t flaunt it.

25. You know that guy who grunts to loud at the gym while lifting 10-pound dumbbells? Please don’t be that guy.

26. If procrastination was an Olympic sport, I’d be a perennial gold medalist.

27. Don’t ever show your underarm fat to a trainer and ask, “What do I do about these chicken wings?” If you must know, I like them battered and fried and smothered with BBQ sauce.

chicken wing


28. Why do people wake up at the arse crack of dawn to run on a treadmill? The weights are over there.

29. Do you drop your dirty plates on the floor after you’ve finished eating? Of course not. Pay the dumbbells the same respect.

30. Wearing sunglasses while training is never cool unless your Corey Hart. Is the sun shining in the gym?

31. Don’t make it too complicated. Move more, lift weights 2-3 times per week and eat like adult. Simple is easier to follow than hard.

32. You think lifting weights is hard? Try being the father of two teenage boys.

33. You cannot go through this life alone. Having someone in your corner always helps.

34. Finding your why when it come to exercise (or anything for that matter) makes it easier to stick with it when times get tough.

35. Writing a grateful journal everyday is a great way to stay positive when things aren’t going your way.

36. Before, I go any further, I don’t know why I’m obsessed with Chuck Norris. It just happened.

37. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to get out of your own way.

38. I love bacon. Hmm bacon


bacon 2


39. Adding good habits before getting rid of bad ones is easier. When the good habits stick, the bad ones slowly go away. That being said, I still bite my nails. 😊

40. Good habits trump motivation.

41. Getting married was the best thing I’ve done in my life and is my finest achievement.

42. Fighting with family is like fighting on social media. It gets ugly fast their is no clear winners.

43. Getting stronger is a game changer and makes things outside of the gym easier. I’ve conquered every pickle jar. 😊

44. The older I get the more I need to stretch and do mobility exercises. These are the oil to my body.

45. Sleep is an underrated recovery tool. Always invest in a good night’s sleep.

46. With so much noise in the world, it’s hard to listen to your body. Block everything out for moment everyday to check in with yourself.

47. Stop telling people what to do and show them what to do. They’ll catch on eventually.

48. Stop searching for the fountain of youth because it’s already in front of you. It’s called exercise. Move it or lose it baby.

49. Thank you for the privilege of your time.


Wrapping up

Congratulations, you made it the end. You must be hungry. Go get some cake and while you’re at it, bring me some too.

If you haven’t exercised today, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and move, smile and crush it.



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