You should know that to get good at anything; you need to do it over and over again, you know, consistency. Stopping for a while, starting, and stopping usually don’t cut it unless you are a freak of nature who picks up stuff quickly.  

The rest of us must stick with it over time to get good at it.

Did you know Pat Sajak, the American television game show host of Wheel of Fortune, has been at for 42 years? Forty-two years of taping five shows per week, and him and Vanna have been doing the same thing over and over for 42 years. Pat and Vanna bring energy and excitement to each episode, no matter how bored they are with doing the same thing.

He acts surprised, even though he has seen it all before. Over and over again. IMO that is unwavering consistency that not all of us can get near. Now, granted, he and Vanna get paid some coin to make this happen.

We could all fake it if it makes us millionaires many times over. But for 42 years? That’s impressive by any stretch of the imagination. Anyway, it got me thinking about consistency because I’m a massive fan of Wheel of Fortune and being consistent.

Consistency: What Is It?

Consistency has a few meanings, according to this website.

Conformity in the application of something.

The way a substance holds together, thickness, or viscosity.

The quality of always behaving or performing in a similar way or of always happening similarly.

The last meaning applies to our purposes, which could be the most crucial regarding health and fitness. You could have the most fantastic diet and exercise plan, but if you don’t apply it consistently, it will not work. On the other hand, if you have a sub-standard plan (IMO) and do it consistently, you will see results.

The key to both is consistency, the secret sauce for your health and fitness goals.

But you have probably heard this all before, and you know this. But knowing is one thing, and doing it is another. I’m not going to browbeat you for not being consistent (if that’s the case), but I will give you a few pointers to get headed in the right direction. However, first a story about yours truly.

Consistency Story

I could talk and write about myself all day because I’m a self-absorbed kind of guy. You know those people who can’t stand seeing or hearing themselves back on tape? That’s not me because I love me some me.  

Let me get back on track to hold myself as an example you can draw inspiration from. You see, I didn’t always love to exercise or write words. I was the complete opposite.

So, quoting the lyrics of a Talking Heads song, how did I get here? Good question, and let me try to answer it. Shame about my appearance drove me to the gym, but shame didn’t keep me there. The self-confidence that came with getting stronger and looking better kept me returning. Plus, I want biceps and girls because who doesn’t lift for vanity?  

Slowly but surely, I fell in love with the iron, have been lifting weights for over 30 years, and have been a Certified Personal Trainer for 13 years. I like what I do, and it become a habit.

The blog happened eight or nine years ago to get more clients and share the little I know about health and fitness with the world. It used to take me almost a week to write an 800-word post because the process was a struggle (and still is) for me. But again, I stuck with it and did a little over the long haul, and now I don’t go a day without writing.

I have developed unwavering consistency with both, but it took a while.

It’s Your Turn To Develop Consistency

Here’s something you already know but bears repeating; consistency takes time. It will not happen overnight, and you will fail a time or two, maybe even quit and come back to it and perhaps half-heartedly do it. Some confuse this with perfection, but consistency isn’t about perfection.

It is about sticking with it regardless of the odds or the lack of progress. It would be best if you had faith. I feel another song coming on.

I managed to weave Wheel Of Fortune, Terrell Owens, and George Michael into the same blog post. Go to be some record, right? Before driving this car right off the rails, here are some factors according to the world of Shane on developing health and fitness consistency.

Accept failure because it will happen. And this is where it becomes essential to get right back on the horse and have a short memory.

You have got to at least enjoy what you do, whether it be weights or Zumba. It’s best to be consistent with certain things in life even though you don’t like to do them, like paying the bills. But with health and fitness, enjoyment (IMO) trumps motivation. So try to enjoy it a little bit.

It helps to have a passion for it because there will be days were you will hate it. Having a passion for it, even slightly, will remind you why you like it, even when you temporality don’t.

Try to make health and fitness a habit, like brushing your teeth.

Last, be not the obvious least; you got to stick with it and have a little faith. Refer to the above video.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, you have learned something about being consistent. If not, you have least learned that I like George Michael and Wheel Of Fortune. It is where it is at being consistent with your health and fitness and doing a little over the long haul because got to love you some you.


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