Stop fighting, start helping

Ali V Frasier. Rumble in the jungle Anyone V The New York Yankees. Cross fit V Traditional strength training Naudi Aguilar V Bret Contreras? There have been some classic fights and rivalries through the ages. No matter the sport, the fans would be hanging on every play or every punch.  No matter if you had … Continue reading Stop fighting, start helping


(Mind the)Gap Training

While I was travelling around on the Underground train in London in 1998, a time when I was young, carefree and had hair, that moronic voice would repeatedly come over the loud speaker. “Mind the gap. Please mind the gap.” This almost drove me to the point of insanity while I was riding the train. … Continue reading (Mind the)Gap Training

Lessons learnt

We’ve seen on our social media feeds success stories about losing weight or moving massive amounts of it. It’s a great way to promote personal training services(or yourself) and to provide social proof. What’s not shown is the hard work and failure it takes get to that point. Well, at least for me. The only … Continue reading Lessons learnt