You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. The same goes for exercise too. Everyone knows exercise is good for their health and waistline but, we’re still getting fatter despite more people joining gyms in record droves.

Gym 3

Rise in U.S Gym memberships

So, what gives? I have a few guesses.  Some people

  • exercise and thinks it gives them a right to eat what they want
  • train and eat healthy but don’t do much outside the gym
  • follow all the diet and exercise fads and get nowhere
  • find it hard to know what’s healthy (to eat) and what’s not
  • lack of access to fresh foods
  • curl in the squat rack and walk and talk on the treadmill.

Kidding, I’m seeing if you’re paying attention. Those people need to burn in hell.

burn in hell

Eating better and training in the gym are great but I feel the real key to being healthier is finding more ways to move throughout your day, even if all you do is go from the fridge and back.

Here are 18 more reasons besides weight loss to get up and to get your butt into gear.

1. There’s are a couple of places where you can dress like an 80’s child and get away with it and the gym is one of those places.

2. If you stood up instead of sitting down for an extra 3 hours a day, you could burn over 30,000 calories during a year.  Imagine if you added movement to that?

3. Your partner left the television remote on the other side of the room and HGTV is on.

4. Movement helps you get lucky.

5. And if you partner says no, movement will help you sleep better. Either way, you win.

6. You can lie about your age and get away with it.

7. Movement will help lift your mood and make you happier

8. Movement is a great legal stress reliever. Ice cream comes a close second.

9. Exercise is the cheapest and best preventive medicine going around. And this helps save you money .

10. Feeling bad about yourself? Exercise helps improve your self-esteem.

11. Where else can you flex in the mirror publicly and nobody bats an eyelid? That’s right, the gym baby. Bonus points if you do it in the squat rack.

12. When you move, muscles tendons tug on bones to help form stronger bones. And stronger is always better.

13. Exercise will help you to never misplace your keys and help your overall memory. Even the stuff that you’d like to forget.

Lose it

14. When you get up off the couch, your loved ones are more likely to follow suit. Rather than telling them what to do, you’re showing them what to do.

15. You’ll fit into your favorite clothes better and for longer.

16. If you move it, you’ll never lose it.

17. Movement helps your brain (I need all the help I can get) operate better and helps prevent cognitive decline as we age.

18. You’ll have better posture when you exercise the muscles of your core, hips and upper back. Ever seen an elderly person hunched forward, shuffling their feet? Yes, posture is that important.

19. 10 minutes of movement can help reduce chronic pain because movement is medicine.

Finishing up

When you move more and eat healthier you’ll be better inside and out,  and your quality and quantity of life will improve. Because the longer you keep dancing, the better.


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