Note- Her name is changed to protect her identity.

You could have the best training program in the world, hire the best coaches or you could throw a bunch of money at your health but none of this matters if you don’t show up.

If you don’t show up, nothing happens. #science

Showing up and being consistent is the secret sauce to getting the results you want.

Because most people know they need to move often, eat fruit, vegetables, protein, stay hydrated and get 6- 8 hours of sleep a night.

The problem is the execution and that’s why having someone in your corner, to hold you accountable helps.

This is how I’m helping Elaine.

She’s been training with me online and in person for over 7 years, through job changes and moving states.

Over the years Elaine has developed remarkable consistency with her health and fitness. And rather than telling you how she did it, she will. Take it away Elaine.

Talk about why you sought my services in the first place

I had a shoulder injury that occurred when a yoga instructor tried to help me get into a position called cow face pose. Unfortunately, when he pulled up on my upper arm something happened, and I wasn’t able to practice like I used to.

Specifically, I could no longer lower or push myself on or off of the floor, aka chaturanga dandasana. And I got pretty frustrated but did not know what to do. And I was shy, so I had a hard time asking anyone for help.

Did I help with these problems?

Well yes, Shane, you have helped me get to where I can actually practice chaturanga dandasana as well as feel a lot more confident around the gym. Now my husband calls me Studly Diva because I move musical equipment around, like a real strong person.

Later on, when I injured my hip getting up off the floor in a tizzy about national politics, you helped rehab me back into action again. That took a while and some time with a PT.

Now we work on strengthening my resolve to move efficiently as well as calm down about situations that I can’t control.

How did you get so consistent with exercise?

I get little reminders from my trainer.

(B.G-I’m an exercise stalker)

He helps me remember to keep on keeping on even when my schedule demands are tight. He is optimistic and practical. It also helps that there is a gym in my office building. Another thing is that I feel so much better when I lift weights.

What advice would you give to people to help develop consistency?

Get a trainer.

They will help encourage and motivate you to practice. I could not do this by myself. It really helps to have a second pair of eyes on the prize.

Wrapping up

Do you need help developing consistency? Contact me here for a free 30-minute call so we can come up with a plan of action.

I promise I will not bite.


  1. Sarah Aberg

    It’s true -all of it. Now I’m on vacation and Shane developed a two week away from home program that I can use while hiking, swimming, sailing, and general down time. I love it!

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