This one simple switch could be standing in the way of you getting fit.

In a previous post I mentioned you don’t need fixing. Fixing implies something is broken and needs repairing. Seeing I believe the human body is already wonderfully put together, there is usually no need for a complete overhaul.

You have the tools inside of you (with a little help) to improve physically.

Is this the case all the time? No, of course not. I’ve known several people including my family members who have been on their last legs and have had their joints replaced. Medical intervention needs to be a last resort after all other avenues are exhausted, in my opinion.

I Wasn’t Always Fit

In fact, a lot of my friends and family still cannot believe I’m a personal trainer. They know the old me. The one that used to party too much, drink too much and get high too much. They knew the person who enjoyed the good life, lacked responsibility, and acted like a child.

This might be okay when you’re in your early twenties but by your late twenties to early thirties, not so much. Because it did take a while to get my act together and was dragged kicking and screaming in adulthood. But I eventually got there 😊

Sometimes when I tell a stranger what I do for a living, they look me up and down and then realize I’m NOT built like an Adonis. Then the second thing they do is show me their underarm fat and say” what do I do about these chicken wings?”  And that’s my cue to turn and run.  

Although I might not LOOK like the part, I do act the part. However, this was made after an important switch. Then it didn’t matter what others thought about me, it only mattered what I thought of myself.

Goofy  Fitness Trainer

What Switch?

Remember the last time you changed somebody’s mind? It is usually difficult and takes lots of convincing. Sometimes you’ll talk until you’re blue in the face and the other person will not budge. People will hold on to a set of beliefs even when evidence is presented to the contrary.

I’m not saying this is good or bad, it just is.

But it’s easier to change your own mind, and this switch plays a big part in your health and fitness. What switch am I talking about? It’s a mindset switch.

But What Is Mindset

This is an extensive subject that covers a broad area that exceeds the scope of this post. And a lot of it is over my head, so I’ll keep it simple with what mindset is and how it affects your health and fitness.

Mindset Definition

Here are three definitions from Google that say similar things. A mindset is a

mental attitude or inclination.

established set of attitudes held by someone.

set of assumptions, methods, or notions held by one or more people.

I feel it’s harder to change someone else’s mind because they’re set in their ways but it’s easier to change your own mind. This is important in the way you see yourself and in your ability to stay fit and healthy.

Because your mindset plays a critical role in how you cope with what life throws at you. When you’re trying to get fit, a growth mindset combined with a more positive attitude will go a long way towards your success. Getting and staying fit is hard work and it will not always go your way.

Like Henry Ford said

Whether you think you can or if you can’t, you’re probably right.”

Make This Simple Fit Switch

When I was fat, out of shape and didn’t like what I saw in the mirror almost 20 years ago, besides being driven by vanity, I decided then and there I was going to see myself as a healthy and fit person.

I changed my mindset from that of a slob to a person who was (and still is) healthy and fit. Now I didn’t stand in the mirror, yell, carry on and flex for motivation. That would be weird. But I decided to switch my mindset to a healthy person and not a party going slob.

Has this been easy for me or will it be easy for you to adopt and stick with a healthier mindset? No, it won’t. Because your mind will play tricks and what you think of yourself will not always be reflected in what you see in the mirror.

Plus, some old habits are hard to break.

My friend and colleague Mike Howard wrote about 20 healthy mindsets you need to adopt to make this health and fitness thing stick but this one stood out to me . Start saying this to yourself at least once a day to help make the switch.

What a privilege it is to be able to focus on my health.”

When you stay consistent (and not perfect), compassionate, don’t miss three consecutive days without exercising and have a short memory, this mindset switch will hopefully become automatic. When it becomes automatic, it becomes a habit and then it’s part of your daily routine for good.

Wrapping Up

It’s hard to change someone’s mind but a little easier to change your own. When you change your mind on how you see yourself, this makes it easier for this health and fitness thing to stick.

And makes flexing in the mirror more fun.

If you need an exercise program to get you back on track, click here.


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    Another excellent article! I love reading your articles….they always teach me something or make me think about things differently.

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