Keeping exercise simple

Life is already complicated. Your exercise shouldn't be. Keep exercise simple for best results


Is online personal training for you?

Personal training is often viewed as a luxury. The buff guy /attractive female trainer taking care of their wealthy client is a cliché sometimes portrayed on television and other mainstream media. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Rising health care costs and the obesity epidemic, combined with affordable gym memberships, have led … Continue reading Is online personal training for you?

How to improve your posture

My posture use to suck. However, nobody one tells you that your posture is bad - not your coworkers, your local GP or even your chiropractor.  It’s like having a booger up your nose that no one tells you about. People stop, stare and snicker instead. Only a true friend will tell you, “Hey, you’ve … Continue reading How to improve your posture

Get a grip

Your everyday life requires grip strength and endurance. Think about it, how often do you Pick up something from the ground or overhead and then carry it? Carry in groceries from the car? Open a new jar? Rip open a cardboard box or a packet of your favorite indulgence? It goes without saying the lifting … Continue reading Get a grip