The gym is intimidating. Here’s what do to about it

My very first time in a weight room was a confusing experience and I had no idea what I was doing. And it showed. What made it worse was despite looking confused, lost and intimated, nobody offered to help me. … Read More

Recovery training

When you hear the word recovery, you probably think of foam rolling, mobility work, fun stuff like bicep curls or just taking the whole week off. Nothing wrong with those things (except curling in the squat rack) but there’s a … Read More

Overcoming a serious injury

I thought I knew what I was doing; however, my back told me different. That small tweak that I felt on that fateful day was later diagnosed as 3 herniated disks in my lower back. To make matters even worse, … Read More

Who loves birthdays?

I love birthdays. Some people run and hide from their birthdays and lie about their age, but not me. I’m like a pig in mud, rolling around as happy as Larry (or a pig) when it’s my birthday. When it’s … Read More

Choosing the right personal trainer

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