Exercise for grown ups

Exercise for grown ups. What to do when you have no time.


Let Kids Play in the Mud

  It was like a red rag to a bull. The city was repaving the country road outside my childhood home and this was too good an opportunity to pass up. So my brother and I raced off to play in the warm and gooey road tar. We covered ourselves from head to toe and … Continue reading Let Kids Play in the Mud

Posture strength training

I was embarrassed of my height  while I was growing up. As a result, I slouched over and had crappy posture. My mother and my teachers were always telling me to "sit up straight" but I never listened. It's easy to tune them out right? However, this problem carried over into my adulthood.  Here I am, … Continue reading Posture strength training

No crunch core training

  Have you ever heard a gym goer say “My core strength is just awesome.” Whenever gym junkies are asked about a weakness they’d like to improve, the answer is often the core. The exception to the rule is those guys who incessantly check out their abs whenever they walk past a mirror.  Yes, you … Continue reading No crunch core training

Why you need a coach

  It was the middle of July in the sweltering, unforgiving Texas heat and my football coach was making the team run 200 meter sprint repeats at the END of practice. As you can imagine, we were all thrilled and no one complained at all. After a few intervals, most of the team was gassed … Continue reading Why you need a coach