Unilateral exercises you should be doing

Don’t you love “that” person who stands in your way of the dumbbells while doing unilateral curls and making faces only his mother would love? What if I told you that he’s on to something, minus the faces and grunting? … Read More

The biggest gym mistake

There is only one way to learn (in my experience) and that’s the hard way. If you didn’t suffer, you’d keep on making the same mistakes repeatedly, right? I think mistakes and the repercussions afterwards are the universe’s little reminders … Read More

How to get motivated

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Cardio strength

Note- This post first appeared here I despise traditional cardio. I’d rather pour gasoline over myself and jump into a fire than run on a treadmill. However, give me a barbell and a few weight plates and I’m happier than … Read More

Underrated exercises

You cannot go past the basics. The squat, presses, pulls and hinging need to form the majority of your training. However, just below that, there are underdog exercises that you tend to forget about.  Everybody loves an underdog correct? The … Read More

Fitness diet plans

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